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SQ Employee News: December 2023

Date: December 15, 2023

17th Edition - December 2023

Insurance ID Cards & Flex Spending Accounts Info

Insurance ID Cards

Carriers have started sending out benefit ID cards for new enrollees.  Remember, these cards will arrive in discrete unmarked envelopes.  Please make sure you are carefully sorting through your mail over the next few weeks, so your benefit cards do not accidentally end up in the trash.

All enrolled in the UMR medical plan will receive a new card for 2024.

Member information will remain the same, but we have a new telemedicine provider for 2024 – Teladoc!  For more information or to schedule a no cost virtual appointment visit

There is an App for that!  UMR, Kaiser, Symetra and Guardian have apps you can download to your smartphone or tablet. Visit the Apple or Google app store today and never be without your benefit information.

Flexible Spending Accounts

If you are enrolled in a flexible spending account (FSA) in 2023, do not throw away your FSA debit card, even if you’ve used all the funds in your account.  These cards are valid for three (3) years and will be reloaded with 2024 funds (if elected) for use beginning January 1, 2024.  Our flexible spending administrator, PBA, automatically sends out new cards approximately 30 days before the card’s expiration date.  If your card is set to expire by year-end, keep a look out for your new card to arrive.  If you have misplaced your FSA debit card, you may request a new one by contacting PBA at

Remember that flexible spending plans are “use it or lose it”.  This means that FSA funds can only be used to pay for eligible expenses incurred in 2023.  Unused funds as of December 31, 2023, will not roll to next year; they are forfeited back to the plan.  If you have 2023 FSA-eligible expenses that were paid for out-of-pocket, you have until March 31, 2024, to submit a claim for reimbursement.

Employee Spotlight: Heather Curts

In December, we proudly spotlight Project Manager, Heather Curts. Heather is a PM for the district region of the Northern Indiana team.

Before coming to Stratosphere Quality, Heather worked as a warehouse associate and seasonal supervisor for a Macy’s distribution center out of Tennessee. After moving to Indiana, Heather applied for a DQI role with a temporary staffing agency, and SQ has been her work home ever since. After coming to SQ full-time, Heather has progressed and excelled at her roles. Heather quickly became a Team Lead, almost two years later a Project Supervisor, and now a Project Manager.

Heather enjoys a fast-paced work environment and does her best to foster a welcoming and supportive environment for all her employees. She enjoys the variety of work we perform and feels like it gives her a sense of purpose and provides an opportunity for her to make a difference. Heather enjoys building customer relationships and training new employees the SQ way!

To the new employees coming into SQ, she would say, there are going to be jobs you’re not going to be fond of but stick with it and always keep in mind that something different will be coming soon.

Some fun facts about Heather, she is a proud wife and proud mom of 3 boys, 1 daughter, 2 stepdaughters, and 1 daughter-in-law. When Heather isn’t working, she enjoys taking their boat out, fishing, crafting, painting, and gardening.

If Heather could remove one world problem, it would be hatred. Heather feels that everyone deserves to be treated like a human and given the opportunity to contribute to society.

We appreciate all you do for SQ Heather!


Do you have a favorite recipe from your childhood, a recipe for a dish that everyone wants you to bring to a pitch in, or maybe a favorite from online? We would love for you to share your special recipes with us!

Send them in to 

Spread some cheer with these holiday cookie recipes!

Food Network Kitchen's Holiday Monster Cookies from 12 Days of Cookies for THE ULTIMATE FRIENDSGIVING/12 DAYS OF COOKIES/LAST-MINUTE SIDES, as seen on Food Network

Christmas Cookies

10 Year Anniversaries

Gordon Kinder – Mansfield Production
Jessica Daly – Dayton Staff
Lee Stefl – Outside Sales

5 Year Anniversaries

Adam Summey – Greensburg Production
Andrew Wilkerson – Honda Alabama Production
Barbara Adams – Marysville Production
Pamela Winzer – Georgia Staff
Paula Planck – Marysville Production
William White – Marysville Production

1 Year Anniversaries

Alex Mendez – Nevada Production
Amanda Johns – Alabama Production
Angela Walker – Dayton Production
Anna Clem – Dayton Staff
Candy Stanley – Greensburg Production
Chelsie West – Indianapolis Production
Christopher Marshall – Sidney Production
Dawn Adams – Marysville Production
Desiree Grimm – Georgia Production
Edmund Sanders – Marysville Production
Elizabeth Smith – Greensburg Production
Emma Price – Lexington Production
Ernest Smith – Mansfield Production
Harold Thomas – Marysville Production
Heather Pete – Honda Alabama Production
Jakell Jones – Honda South Carolina Production
John Powers – Marysville Production
Justin Saylors – Duncan Production
Katelyn Batter – Pennsylvania Production
Ketan Gohil – Toronto Production
Kimberly White – Marysville Production
Labradford Britton – Alabama Production
Laura Kuhn – Alabama Production
Lillian Mathews – Marysville Production
Lisa Fuller – Indianapolis Production
Margaret Miller – Greensburg Production
Markus Reynolds – Sidney Production
Mary Easterling – Mississippi Production
Mary Hoskins – Mississippi Production
Michael Hall – Duncan Production
Montana Taylor – Honda Alabama Production
Norman Robert Couvillon – Toronto Production
Robert Hanselman – Sidney Production
Sandra Gilmore – Duncan Production
Starr McDole – Dayton Production
Tamara Alloway – Marysville Production
Tamuno Sekibo – Duncan Production
Taylor Morrison – Payroll
Terry Boone – Honda Alabama Production
Terry Buyer – Marysville Production
Yazmin Brock – Mansfield Production

Pets of the Month

We would love to see your pet, send in a picture and description to


Let me introduce you to my fabulous Max. Max is 7 years old, I adopted him from the Humane Society tricked my daughter promising only to go and look. Well, I ended up taking him home. Max is a wonderful cat, he eats, sleeps, and treat me as his human slave all day long. Max likes to take morning walks everyday but he recently got in trouble. I think he hid in our neighbor’s car and ended up at Bob Evan’s in Noblesville. The lady at Bob Evan’s took Max to the Humane Society and they called me to pick up my criminal LOL. Max is a sweetheart and I love him so much! Pet parent: Karina Diaz CS Manager - Mexico Operations


Congrats to our employees who were promoted!

QI to TL = 9
QI to PS = 2
TL to PS = 10
PS to PM = 2
PQ line call support to PQ Supervisor = 1
Customer Service Analyst to Customer Service Supervisor = 1

Adrien Hall (Customer Service Analyst → Customer Service Supervisor)
April Rosario (Team Leader → Project Supervisor)
Avery Williams (Team Leader → Project Supervisor)
Calvin Lowery (Parts Quality Line Call Support → Parts Quality Supervisor)
Clara Mitchell (Quality Inspector → Team Leader)
Cody Breedlove (Quality Inspector → Project Supervisor)
Devon Looney (Team Leader → Project Supervisor)
Eli Towl (Quality Inspector → Team Leader)
Gabriel Espejo (Quality Inspector → Team Leader)
Hannah Godsey (Quality Inspector → Team Leader (location change too))
Heather Southerland (Quality Inspector → Team Leader)
Issac Moore (Team Leader → Project Supervisor)
Jaime White (Team Leader → Project Supervisor)
Jordan Poe (Team Leader → Project Supervisor)
Junior Morales (Quality Inspector → Project Supervisor)
Kali London (Quality Inspector → Team Leader)
Krista Swinford (Project Supervisor → Project Manager)
Larry Diskey (Team Leader → Project Supervisor)
Melisse Cassidy (Team Leader → Project Supervisor)
Melthia Agnew (Quality Inspector → Team Leader)
Michelle Lowery (Project Supervisor → Project Manager)
Mirranda Hawkins (Team Leader → Project Supervisor)
Robert Hall (Team Leader → Project Supervisor)
Shangco Tate (Quality Inspector → Team Leader)
Tasha Gibson (Quality Inspector → Team Leader)

Faces of SQ

If you would like to see your team highlighted, send a picture to

**Please be mindful not to capture any customer names, customer employees, or parts in your pictures.  

Ava Coffinger

Congratulations to Kyle Coffinger’s daughter Ava! She has recently signed to play softball at Michigan State. Good luck Ava!

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