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Stratosphere Quality

The Right Choice

The global provider of Quality Assurance for your containment, sorting, inspection, and quality control needs.

Fast Response

Rapid Response Service

We can mobilize entire teams immediately based on our geographic locations, with service areas across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan, and China.


SOLAR Technology

Securely access a personalized dashboard with centralized project information, real-time data, including inspection results and more.

Jobs Listing

Employment Opportunities

Work for a company that continues to grow, fosters a positive organizational work environment, and celebrates our people.

As a Global Provider of Quality Assurance, Quality Drives Everything We Do


Inspection / Sorting

On-site inspectors arrive in hours to reduce liability and maintain project integrity. Multi-site QA support across global footprint



Rapid-deploy teams help ensure minimal damage from defective parts. Warehouse locations available for offsite support


Rework & Repair

Expert teams correct failed, defective or nonconforming parts to minimize loss of time and resources.


Launch Support

Eliminate non-conformities and receive new-product support leading up to launch


Quality Assurance Engineering

Experienced engineering staff offering QA Support, Quality Systems Development and Metrology Services


Scanning Technology

Allows for real time capture and delivery of inspection results

Global Provider of Quality Assurance

When You Have an Issue We Go to Work

Stratosphere Quality provides quality solutions for OEMs, Tier 1, and Tier 2 suppliers across the globe. We are a company with an unwavering commitment to quality and we develop and implement solutions that improve quality throughout the manufacturing supply chain. Our experience in inspection, sorting, containment, and engineering services, as well as our innovative technology solutions, has led to our continued expansion around the world and across manufacturing sectors.

Providing Quality Support Services to Manufacturers


Our best practices continuously deliver exceptional results

Speed, accuracy, flexibility, and attention to detail allow us to be an immediate resource to our clients when a quality issue arises. With the ability to offer resources throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan and China, Stratosphere Quality is the right choice for your third-party outsourced quality solutions.


As an extension of your quality team, we partner with you to ensure the highest level of quality throughout the manufacturing process.

Latest News

SQROCS Winners November 2023

SQROCS Winners November 2023

Congratulate the outstanding SQROCS Winners November 2023! Discover excellence in customer service and teamwork at Stratosphere Quality. Join us in celebrating their exceptional contributions.

SQROCS Winners October 2023

SQROCS Winners October 2023

Congratulate the outstanding SQROCS Winners October 2023! Discover excellence in customer service and teamwork at Stratosphere Quality. Join us in celebrating their exceptional contributions.

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