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QA Inspection Services

We are ready for Immediate Response for Manufacturing Inspection, Sorting, & Logistics.

Scalable Service Solutions Throughout the Manufacturing Process

Stratosphere Quality has helped thousands of OEMs and suppliers address ongoing needs for their quality issues. Our experience is expansive. From deploying teams to over 1200 locations for parts repair to decreasing launch issue containment by over 150 days, we can provide customized and flexible service solutions to meet your project needs.

Our QA inspection services include quality assurance, product launch support, inspection, sorting containment, and more. Our geographic reach is expansive across the USA, Canada, Mexico, China, and Japan.


No matter the need we are committed to helping you with your quality concerns.


Inspection & Sorting

On-site inspectors arrive in hours to reduce liability and maintain project integrity. Multi-site QA support across a global footprint.



Rapid-deploy teams help ensure minimal damage from defective parts. Warehouse locations available for offsite support.


Rework & Repair

Expert teams correct failed, defective or nonconforming parts to minimize loss of time and resources.


Launch Support

Eliminate non-conformities and receive new-product support leading up to launch.


Quality Assurance Engineering

Experienced engineering staff offering QA Support, Quality Systems Development and Metrology Services.


Scanning Technology

Allows for real time capture and delivery of inspection results.

Travel Agency

Field Services

Travel teams to conduct multi-state inspection, sorting & rework of aftermarket parts or goods.

Technical Support

Additional Services

Experienced with relabeling packaging, technology installations, and light assembly of finished products.

Inspection & Sorting Services

You have a quality issue and you need a team to sort and inspect your parts.

Our geographic reach is expansive and we continue to grow in order to best serve OEM customers and their suppliers efficiently throughout their supply chain. With operations throughout the United States, Japan, Canada, Mexico, and China, we can be where you need us when you need us. Contact an area Account Manager now.

Containment and Rework Services

You have bad parts and need them contained, controlled, and reworked immediately.

Clients call us when they recognize an issue with their parts and they need to be contained and reworked. We are able to either deploy teams to our client’s multiple locations, or we can oversee containment with the removal of the parts from the manufacturing environment.

With multiple warehouses located throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Japan, we have the ability to have the parts relocated to a safe location where our teams will sort, contain and then rework the necessary aspects of each nonconforming part. All parts do not leave our facility or oversight until they have received our quality inspection stamp of approval.

Quality Assurance Engineering

Your project calls for another engineer, but you don’t want to hire another full-time employee.

Stratosphere Quality provides trained and qualified technical resources where you need them to validate and correct both product quality and processes. We provide high-quality resources and expertise in technical project and service management. No matter the need we are committed to helping you with your quality concerns.

  • Quality Management, Engineering, and Technical Support Services
  • Project Management
  • Value Stream Analysis and Continuous Improvement Deployment
  • Proactive and Reactive Root Cause Analysis along with Countermeasure Deployment/Verification
  • Advanced Quality Planning and Risk Analysis
  • New Product Launch Support
  • Process Auditing
  • Containment Services
  • Industry-Specific Regulatory Gap Analysis
  • SOLAR proprietary data system for real-time actionable data