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Total Cost Containment

Reducing quality issues for total cost containment.

QA Project Data Technology

Not only does Stratosphere Quality provide your company with superior services, but you will also benefit from our investment and attention to technology.

Anyone can provide data, but our experienced team has created SOLAR, our proprietary data system that provides project data and inspection results in a format that is easy to use and present.

Stratosphere Quality also has a dedicated internal IT staff who can work with you on customizing SOLAR to match your reporting needs and project goals.


Our technology provides project workflow efficiency throughout every quality project.

SOLAR Gives You...


24-Hour Access

Centralized Project Information


Reports on Demand

Customized Data

  • RTotal parts inspected
  • RTotal non-conforming parts found
  • RTotal number of parts reworked
  • RShift-work details
  • RInspector project training checklist
  • RSupplier performance data
  • RDocument linking and tracking
  • RProject work instructions
  • RProject implementation plan tracking
  • RReal-time performance data reporting
  • RSecure login at all user levels
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