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Employee Success Stories

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Stratosphere Quality provides the opportunity for team members to grow and step forward on their career paths.  Team members enjoy rewarding and meaningful work which has a significant impact on people’s lives, by ensuring products are tested and approved for quality before hitting the market. Explore how Stratosphere Quality fuels career growth through our inspiring employee success stories. Witness the transformation and empowerment firsthand!

Employee success stories

I initially joined Stratosphere Quality as a Temporary Associate in 2018 through an agency, working in various locations of SPS for three years. The decision to join Stratosphere Quality directly stemmed from the enticing prospect of career growth and the opportunity to enhance my professional skills. The dynamic and challenging nature of the job, which exposes me to different situations daily, has significantly boosted my confidence and sharpened my problem-solving abilities.

In my role, I’ve had the privilege of interacting with a diverse range of customers across different locations, fulfilling my enjoyment of communicating with various people. As a Project Supervisor, I’ve delved into new processes, expanding my understanding of business and warehouse operations.

Starting as a General Associate, I swiftly progressed to the role of Team Leader within a month. After eight months in that position, I earned a promotion to Project Supervisor. Currently, I am stationed at Simcoe Parts Service, contributing to Honda’s parts supply chain. Managing a team that supports SPS by providing adequate manpower according to demand, I oversee associates in eight different plants, engaging in diverse roles such as operating forklifts and tuggers. The varied projects at SPS continually expose me to new processes and deepen my knowledge of automotive manufacturing. Stratosphere Quality has proven to be an excellent workplace, offering continual learning opportunities and a supportive environment.

Barshan das
Barshan Das
Project Supervisor
Stratosphere Quality

I decided to join this organization because I believe my knowledge aligns perfectly with the requirements for success in both the role and the company. What I find most appealing about my position and the company is the opportunity to collaborate with an exceptional team. Working in an environment that values forward-thinking and provides unwavering support highlights the company’s understanding that employees are indeed its greatest asset.

Throughout my time at SQ, I have experienced promotions due to my ability to effectively work as a team member with individuals from diverse educational, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. This collaborative spirit has not only facilitated professional growth but has also contributed to maintaining a safe and healthy working environment.

Reflecting on the onboarding process in my territory, I appreciate the company’s strategy of empowering new hires right from the beginning. Rather than overwhelming them on day one, the approach is to incrementally provide the knowledge necessary for the job. This method ensures that new employees are set up for success from the get-go.

Cierra oakes
Cierra Oaks
Stratosphere Quality

I started as a DQI in December 2012 and was hired full-time 3 months later. I was then promoted to Team Leader and then Project Supervisor, all within 5 months. I am currently training as a Quality Technician.

If you are willing to work hard and follow processes, there is always an opportunity to move up and grow within the organization.

The work is rewarding and a different challenge every day.

Stratosphere employee dan douglas
Dan Douglas
Project Manager
Stratosphere Quality

I chose to join Stratosphere for several compelling reasons. Firstly, the diversity within the organization keeps every project exciting and challenging. Working on various tasks, from handling car parts to inspecting different automobile components, ensures that each day brings something new and interesting. Secondly, the supportive management at SQ has been crucial to my professional journey. Whether dealing with work-related matters or personal issues, the management has consistently backed me up, providing encouragement for continuous improvement. Another appealing aspect is the opportunity to travel to different locations across Ontario, and as a Supervisor, I even had the chance to travel to the USA multiple times.

My current role as Site Operations Manager at the Chep plant is immensely fulfilling. The challenge of elevating our plant to the next level, maintaining its status as the No. #1 production plant (awarded last year), and the safest plant in North America among all Chep facilities is a significant and enjoyable undertaking. Additionally, contributing to the growth of fellow employees and witnessing their development is a source of pride, as I’ve been able to nurture their leadership skills.

Reflecting on my journey at SQ, I’ve experienced significant promotions, starting as an Agency Quality Inspector in 2015 and progressing to SQ Quality Inspector, Team Leader, Project Supervisor, SQ Production Supervisor Chep, and ultimately, Site Operations Manager in 2022. Each promotion has been a result of hard work, dedication, and the constant support of the management team. I am grateful for the opportunities provided by Stratosphere and am eager to continue contributing to the company’s success.

Jatinder randhawa
Jatinder Randhawa
Site Operations Manager
Stratosphere Quality

I started at Stratosphere Quality as a temporary employee in October 2020. I was hired full-time on March 01, 2021, as a Quality Inspector. About 5 months in, my Supervisor started giving me more tasks. In August, I received an opportunity to advance to Team Leader. I started more in-depth training with work instructions, PPR, 2-minute 360, and rosters. By December I officially became a Team Leader.

I like the variation of projects that come through the gate. There are always new challenges resulting in new opportunities to learn. If you’re willing to do the work, there is always room to advance at SQ.

Always keep communication open with your Supervisors about your willingness to learn and advance. They are great at working with you and helping you along the way. They understand that there is a lot to learn and are very patient with training and answering questions.

Joyce manzano
Joyce Manzano
Project Supervisor
Stratosphere Quality

I started with Stratosphere Quality as a temporary associate in September 2012 and was hired as a full-time associate in December of that year.

Since then, I have worked my way up within the company. I am now a Project Supervisor with over 50 people that I supervise.

I enjoy that every day is a new opportunity to learn and grow.

Stratosphere employee kim kempf
Kim Kempf
Invoicing Specialist
Stratosphere Quality

I began my journey in production at the age of 18, accumulating six hand surgeries over the years. Eventually, the physical strain prompted me to transition out of line production. Turning to a local temp office, I discovered Stratosphere Quality and embraced the opportunity to work as a Quality Inspection Service temp. Despite my 26 years in production, the work at Stratosphere Quality felt refreshing, involving various quality checks and the use of different gauges and tools. After 480 hours as a temp, I eagerly converted to a full-time SQ employee, motivated by the impact my checks had on preventing defective parts from reaching customers.

What sets Stratosphere Quality apart is the sense of family and support within the company. As a Project Supervisor, I appreciate the camaraderie and open communication within the diverse team, working collaboratively toward shared goals. The company’s commitment to safety, well-being, and continuous learning is evident, with access to the LMS for ongoing training. Every project brings new challenges, and the sense of purpose in ensuring quality, like inspecting axles for broken welds, is personally fulfilling.

My journey includes promotions from DQI to SQ QI to Team Lead and eventually Project Supervisor. While the extra income matters, what truly matters is the autonomy to meet customers, provide excellent service within SQ’s guidelines, and share knowledge with the team. Notable achievements include forklift certification and successful project leadership. Despite challenges in the onboarding process, my transfer to the Lincolnton Region has solidified my sense of belonging and growth potential, guided by supportive supervision. Looking ahead, my goal is to become a PS2, a testament to the continuous journey of learning and advancement at Stratosphere Quality.

Stratosphere quality favicon
Patricia Montiel
Project Supervisor
Stratosphere Quality

I started out as a DQI in 2013 through a temporary agency in Anderson, IN. I had just graduated with an associate’s degree in the medical field and was looking for a steady income in my designated field. I went to Marysville, OH with about 200 other DQIs from around Indiana, ultimately getting my hours in and becoming a full-time SQ inspector.

I was then promoted to a Team Lead position and ultimately the Project Supervisor position in Central Indiana. It happened within a couple of years, and then 5 years ago I became a Project Manager. My reason for staying with Stratosphere Quality is my passion to make things better. Our jobs matter – when I hire people, I always tell them that my wish for them is to know that they make a difference in people’s lives. Not many realize the full impact that we have on society.

The passion statement still holds true today: when we consciously influence one person, we unconsciously influence ten others.

Stratosphere employee robin woods
Robin Woods
Project Manager
Stratosphere Quality

I began working for Stratosphere Quality in October 2017. I interviewed in January 2018 for the Team Lead position with two other Inspectors who had more experience than I did.

In June 2018, I was promoted to Team Lead. I was able to be trained by great Supervisors and Team Leads. I learned there is never a stupid question. The faith that my team had in me when I got the position was a big help with getting where I am. I ran multiple projects from one location and did an excellent job of being in multiple places at once.

It was November 2019 when I was promoted to Project Supervisor. When I got the call about a three-shift project, I was informed this may be my opportunity for this promotion. I worked so many hours on this project to make sure that it ran smoothly. This project and the help and training from the right people gave me the confidence to be the Project Supervisor I am today.

Stratosphere employee tiffany bryant
Tiffany Bryant
Project Supervisor
Stratosphere Quality
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