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Immediate Attention to Quality Initiatives

At Stratosphere Quality, we can outperform others in the industry due to our expansive geographic footprint, off-site warehouses for immediate product containment, and our ability to support multi-state projects. Our experienced team of account managers provides key partnerships in delivering quality services to our clients while placing an added emphasis on efficiency and cost reduction.

Regardless of where your project is located, our experienced team is ready to work where you need us when you need us. 


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Evan vandermeeden
Director of Sales and Marketing
Courtney bowling
Account Manager
Jeff crowther
Account Manager
Jim defalco
Account Manager

Jim DeFalco

Illinois – Wisconsin – Iowa

Ian doll
Account Manager

Ian Doll

Northern Indiana

Jerry hunter
Account Manager

Jerry Hunter

North Carolina – South Carolina

Edina kadunic
Account Manager
Cale ort
Account Manager

Cale Ort

Ohio – Northeast Kentucky

Lee stefl
Account Manager

Lee Stefl

Northern Ohio – Pennsylvania – Maryland

Kurt wagoner
Account Manager

Kurt Wagoner

Southern IN – Northwest KY – VA – West VA

Chris weirick
Account Manager
Nathan zimmermann
Account Manager
David white
Account Manager

David White

Tennessee – Southern Kentucky

Matt young
Account Manager

Matt Young

Western Ontario – Western New York

Jeff garcia
Account Manager

Jeff Garcia

Greater Toronto & Eastern Ontario

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