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Agency Partners

We Value You

Building a high-quality, strong workforce is the lifeblood of Stratosphere Quality’s success. Our partners are a critical part of providing staffing solutions for our projects around the world.

Employer of Choice

As the leading provider of quality assurance solutions, Stratosphere Quality’s reputation is unmatched as an employer of choice. We place a tremendous value on training, growing, and rewarding our employees, so you as our staffing partner can feel confident in knowing that our partnership will be successful.

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We are taking steps to be an improved partner:

  • Utilizing VMS for our staffing needs
  • Creating better communication between our operations teams and staffing partners
  • Working together to find permanent placements within Stratosphere Quality
  • Developing ongoing training

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Our Career Opportunities

Stratosphere Quality is currently actively seeking qualified candidates to source candidates for key positions at our client locations throughout North America. As our partner in staffing, we will provide you the necessary tools you need to locate candidates and screen for qualified candidates.

Quality Inspector

Job overview

  • Performs various sorting, inspection, production, and data capture duties
  • Uses inspection, measuring, and test equipment as required
  • Works at the client’s location

What it’s like to be a QI

  • Satisfying work where your attention to detail produces results
  • You get to leave your mark on products people use every day!

Potential career path

  • Project Lead
  • Project Supervisor
  • Operations
Project Supervisor

Job overview

  • Responsible for ensuring all teams within assigned location(s) are operating according to standards and requirements, including safety.
  • Develop work instructions and train team leaders and inspectors on proper procedures relevant to the project.
  • Manage customer relationships

What it’s like to be a PS

  • Your leadership ensures our client’s goals are met and our team is safe and productive
  • Your coaching and training on the job helps your team develop and advance

Potential career path

  • Operations
Team Leader

Job overview

  • Responsible for project set up, managing customer deliverables and team member expectations, and general supervision.
  • Ongoing training with the team to maintain consistent work and communication with customers and employees.
  • Team Leaders travel to the manufacturing plants, where the parts are being made or the warehouses where the parts are being stored to supervise our teams of quality inspectors.

What it’s like to be a TL

  • Team Leaders create an atmosphere where the individual is recognized and foster an environment for employee growth.
  • Team Leaders work together with their teams and customers
    to solve problems.

Potential career path

  • Operations

What to Know Before Day One


Positive Customer Experience

All team members should engage in delivering a high quality service that creates a positive experience for our customer


Safety in the Workplace

Safety can only be achieved through teamwork at our company. Each employee, supervisor, & manager must practice safety awareness.

Code of Conduct

It’s our expectation that each employee conducts themselves in a professional manner at all times when representing Stratosphere.


How to Dress

Safety glasses and steel-toe shoes to help keep you safe at a work site.


Drug & Alcohol

Drugs and alcohol aren’t permitted in the workplace at any time for your safety and the others around you.


We are continually monitoring the guidance from government entities and recognized health agencies relative to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Agency Acceptance

Covid 19 Vaccination and testing procedures:

In accordance with potential future OSHA mandates and laws, Stratosphere Quality may need to adjust policies to ensure compliance with all applicable federal, state, or local laws.

As an agency partner providing labor on our behalf, it will be necessary for your company to be in compliance as well. Please confirm your company will align with ours should health-related mandates or laws be enacted in the future.

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