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SQ Employee News: November 2023

Date: November 16, 2023

16th Edition - November 2023

Fall 2023 President's Club Award

It brings us great pleasure to celebrate the achievements of our outstanding team members who have earned the prestigious Fall 2023 President’s Club Award. These individuals exemplify dedication, excellence, and a commitment to our core values. What makes this season even more special is the incredible fact that 60% of our Fall President’s Club Award winners began their journey at Stratosphere Quality as either a DQI (Developing Quality Inspector) or QI (Quality Inspector).

This remarkable statistic highlights the tangible impact of our commitment to fostering career growth and creating clear pathways for professional progression within our organization. At Stratosphere Quality, we firmly believe in recognizing and nurturing talent from within, and the success stories of these award-winning individuals mirror the effectiveness of our approach.

The journey from a DQI or QI role to the prestigious President’s Club is a testament to the opportunities that exist for those who are dedicated to personal and professional development. It showcases the robust career path progression we have intentionally designed to empower our team members to advance in their careers, achieve their goals, and contribute significantly to our collective success.
Each of our award winners has a unique story to tell — a story of hard work, perseverance, and a commitment to delivering exceptional quality. It’s inspiring to see how they have not only embraced the challenges that come with their roles but have also continuously sought ways to enhance their skills and take on new responsibilities.

In recognizing the achievements of our Fall President’s Club Award winners, let us reflect on the values that drive our organization forward:

  1. Commitment to Excellence: These individuals have consistently demonstrated a commitment to delivering high-quality results in their roles, contributing to the overall success of Stratosphere Quality.
  2. Continuous Improvement: The journey from DQI or QI to the President’s Club is a shining example of the importance we place on continuous improvement. It reinforces our belief that every team member has the potential to grow and excel.
  3. Teamwork and Collaboration: Success is rarely an individual achievement. Our award winners have shown that collaboration and teamwork are essential components of achieving excellence, and their success reflects positively on the entire Stratosphere Quality team.

As we celebrate the accomplishments of our Fall President’s Club Award winners, let us be inspired by their stories. Let us continue to support and encourage one another in our pursuit of excellence. Together, we will create an environment where every team member can thrive and achieve their full potential.

Congratulations to our award winners and thank you to every member of the Stratosphere Quality team for your dedication, hard work, and contributions to our shared success.

2023 Fall President’s Club

James Blake, Terra Connie, Tasha Bayne, Katherine McKee, Keith Cassell, Michael Wolfe, Carole Clark, Ahmad Mher, Darshankumar Mistry and Solmaz Movafaghi.

Employee Spotlight: Frank Hunt

In the November issue of our employee spotlight, we are shining a light on Frank Hunt, Project Manager for the Mansfield operations team.

Frank’s journey with SQ began when a recruiter discovered his resume online. Prior to joining SQ, Frank had a significant background in manufacturing, having worked as a Production Supervisor with GM for three years, followed by another three years as a Shipping Supervisor.

Now deeply embedded in the SQ family, Frank oversees the team in Northern Ohio, a group he fondly acknowledges for doing the heavy lifting. Despite his humility, the team’s achievements have not gone unnoticed, earning recognition for their outstanding contributions. Frank emphasizes the importance of training and communication within his team, ensuring that everyone is well-prepared and informed. He even compiled a
training booklet filled with valuable materials accumulated over the years.

Outside of the professional realm, Frank is a family man with three grown children—Meghan, Kaitlyn, and Jeremy. Meghan is pursuing her education at Columbus State University, Kaitlyn is in law school, and Jeremy is attending Kent State University. Frank is not just a career-driven individual; he is also a sports enthusiast, particularly passionate about college basketball, with a strong allegiance to the Kentucky Wildcats. In his leisure time, he enjoys the great outdoors, frequently embarking on hikes with his two dogs.

Reflecting on his time at SQ, Frank expresses gratitude for the growth and uniqueness of the job. Unlike his previous experiences in factories, SQ offers a dynamic environment where he continually encounters new places, people, and challenges. The growth of the Northern Ohio area under the leadership of Operations Manager RC Emerson is a source of pride for Frank.

For new employees entering SQ, Frank's advice is simple but profound: ask questions, absorb knowledge, and learn from the experienced team members. He emphasizes the wealth of expertise within the company, recognizing individuals like Santos Padilla, Robert Emerson, and Tony Sosbe as valuable mentors.

On a personal note, Frank reveals a compassionate side, stating that he is always willing to help others in any way he can. This generosity and willingness to support those in need extend beyond the workplace.

If given a magic wand to address a global issue, Frank’s choice is reflective of his compassionate nature. He wishes to eradicate hunger and homelessness among children, envisioning a better future for the next generation. Frank’s commitment to making a positive impact, both within his community and on a broader scale, showcases the qualities that make him an invaluable member of the SQ family.

Thanks for all that you do Frank!


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10 Year Anniversaries

Trevor Hayes – Georgia Production

5 Year Anniversaries

Anthony Ervin – Honda Alabama Production
Bruce Schroer – Sidney Production
Claudet McDonald – Brampton Production
Corinna Jones – Duncan Staff
Edward Kersey – Georgia Production
Jacqueline Meadows – Honda Alabama Production
Justin Grumbling – Marysville Production
Matthew Lorey – Indianapolis Production
Quran Mccaw – Honda Alabama Production
Sanket Patel – Toronto Staff
Trisha Bowser – Payroll

1 Year Anniversaries

Adam Flores – Illinois/Wisconsin Production
Adam Long – Dayton Production
Alexis Badillo – Texas Production
Angenette Bennett – Alabama Production
April Ferguson – Indianapolis Production
Ariel Smith – Chrysler Detroit Production
Ashley Owens – Duncan Production
Christina Marsh – Duncan Production
D’Ajahnay Lewis – Marysville Production
Dalton Dilger – Chrysler Detroit Production
Daniel Kandziorski – Honda Alabama Production
Daniel Christ – Mansfield Production
Deborah Eichler – Mansfield Production
Dominique Green – Detroit Production
Dujuan Wheeler – Chrysler Detroit Production
Elijah Gardner – Tennessee Production
Ellen Williams – Indianapolis Production
Freddie Purnell – Alabama Production
Gartrell Drake – Alabama Production
Gennifer May – Alabama Production
George Ali – Indianapolis Production
Irene Velazquez – Alabama Production
Jennifer Allen – Honda South Carolina Production
Juanita Stasiowski – Georgia Production
Kayvona Croskey – Honda South Carolina Production
Krista Taylor – Marysville Production
Lauren Libkuman – Recruiting
Lecorbin Sales – Alabama Production
Levi Schwacke – Indianapolis Production
Lorenza Velasquez – Alabama Production
Mathew Owen – Chrysler Detroit Production
Michael Arnholt – Indianapolis Production
Michelle Mickens – Alabama Production
Mirranda Hawkins – Tennessee Production
Morgan Bailey – Indianapolis Production
Oleetha Bell – Alabama Production
Rachel Mulder – Alabama Production
Rashell Pipkin – Duncan Production
Ricardo Aguiar – Project Support
Ricky Eades – Marysville Production
Robert Hall – Indianapolis Production
Ryan Alava Payra – Toronto Production
SarabjeetSingh Sidhu – Toronto Production
Sommer Raimondi – Indianapolis Production
Syed Umar Ahmed – Toronto Production
Trisha Cruz – Indianapolis Production
Tyler Martin – Sidney Staff
Tyrone Martin – Marysville Production
William Buckner – Alabama Production
Zachary Greczyn – Marysville Production

Pets of the Month

We would love to see your pet, send in a picture and description to


Meet Rory! He is a 6-year-old Vizsla. Rory is an expert at being cozy. He is most content sitting on someone’s lap while covered in a blanket (or two). After 5 years as an only child, Rory is getting used to life with a human sister. He is not sure about her but is always happy to supervise dinner time! Pet parent: Ali Wolff, Benefits Manager


Congrats to our employees who were promoted!

QI to TL = 15
QI to Driver = 1
QT to PS = 1
TL to PS = 5
PS II to PM = 1
PS to PM = 2
PS to Scheduler = 1
PS to Resource Coordinator = 1
PS to Customer Service Analyst = 1
Invoicing Specialist to Purchase Order Coordinator = 1

Total Promotions = 29

Amber Miller (Project Supervisor → Project Manager)
Bradley Sutton (Project Supervisor II → Project Manager)
Braeden Fairchild (Quality Inspector → Driver)
Brian Arnholt (Project Supervisor → Customer Service Analyst)
Dayanne Fajardo Hernandez (Project Supervisor → Project Manager)
Debora Vargas (Quality Inspector → Team Leader)
Douglas Bouskill (Team Leader → Project Supervisor)
Doyle Shephard (Quality Inspector → Team Leader)
Faith Ballentine (Quality Inspector → Team Leader)
Heather South (Quality Inspector → Team Leader)
Jahdiah JacobsEl (Project Supervisor → Resource Coordinator 1)
James Naumann (Invoicing Specialist → Purchase Order Coordinator)
Jamey Gibbs (Quality Inspector → Team Leader)
Jamie Lee (Project Supervisor → Scheduler )
Jason Beachum (Team Leader → Project Supervisor)
Jemar Wade (Quality Inspector → Team Leader)
Jordan Glutting (Quality Inspector → Team Leader)
Kelly Ward (Team Leader → Project Supervisor)
Kyle Williams (Team Leader → Project Supervisor)
Michael Arnholt (Quality Inspector → Team Leader)
Montana Taylor (Quality Inspector → Team Leader)
Nicholle Royalty (Quality Inspector → Team Leader)
Parham Dejparvar (Quality Inspector → Team Leader)
Paul Lewis (Quality Inspector → Team Leader)
Quentin Nickerson (Quality Technician Level 1 → Project Supervisor )
Rhonda Perkins (Quality Inspector → Team Leader)
Selena Penwell (Quality Inspector → Team Leader)
William Blaisdell (Quality Inspector → Team Leader)
Zane Gregory (Team Leader → Project Supervisor)

Faces of SQ

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Our Employees

This month we are celebrating our awesome team members! Imagine the laughter and shared stories at our company dinner in Buford, GA, or the sea of pink at our Huntsville, Alabama, Mazda Toyota facility, all in support of Breast Care Awareness Month. The Canada team beams with personality, and the JASI photo adds a touch of uniqueness. Our Harvard Club group shot from the SCA AB Meeting captures the essence of our team spirit.
Together, these snapshots tell the story of a group of real people—friends and colleagues—coming together, supporting causes, and making memories that define us beyond the workplace.

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