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SQROCS Winners September & October 2021

Stratosphere Quality

Congratulations to our SQROCS Winners

SQROCS: Stratosphere Quality 
Recognizes Outstanding Contributions & Solutions

Please join us in congratulating the September & October 2021 winners of our SQROCS Program. The program is designed to provide the opportunity to feature employees who have gone above and beyond in delivering services to our clients and in supporting their team.

Stratosphere Quality proudly recognizes employees who go above and beyond in delivering exceptional customer service and demonstrating excellence in performance and teamwork. SQROCS stands for Stratosphere Quality Recognizes Outstanding Contributions & Solutions, and we are proud to announce winners each month.

Please join us in congratulating the most recent winners of the SQROCS Program

Canada Region

  • Debra Alaniz, Canada

Central Region

  • Ashley Snyder, Pennsylvania
  • Brandi Gottwalt, Pennsylvania (2x)
  • Kristi Smith, Pennsylvania
  • Lance Smith, Pennsylvania
  • Andrea Brown, Ohio
  • Derwood Bowen, Ohio
  • Magdalena Reynolds, Ohio
  • Ashley Terry, Ohio
  • Steven Matthers, Ohio
  • Carl Smith, Kentucky
  • Laura Hesson, Ohio
  • Alfred Wolfe, Ohio
  • Jamie Lee, Ohio
  • James Freeman, Ohio
  • Darrell Lowery, Ohio
  • Karma Badders, Ohio
  • James Strunk, Ohio
  • Carey Moore, Ohio
  • Hunter Houston, Ohio
  • Kenneth Bray, Ohio
  • Kevin Almeida, Illinois
  • Derrell “Wayne” Yeager, Illinois
  • Santos Padilla, Ohio

South Region

  • Tim Lewis, Georgia
  • DeShon McGuirt, Mississippi (2x)
  • Kala Graham, Mississippi
  • Elizabeth Easterling, Alabama
  • Brandon Alexander, Alabama
  • Jamaal Moore, Alabama
  • Ivory Carter, Alabama
  • Chrissy Large, Alabama
  • Justin Taylor, Alabama
  • Cicerly Noel, Alabama
  • Erich Norton, Texas
  • Debra Alaniz, Texas
  • Kevin Almeida, Texas
  • Shelton Tanner, Texas
  • Rachel Melson, Alabama
  • Whitney Nabors, Alabama
  • Amanda Johnson, Alabama
  • Maurice Calhoun, Mississippi
  • Rebecca Silvey, Mississippi
  • Carrie Cervantes, Mississippi
  • Jeremichael Bonner, Mississippi
  • Jessica Ricks, Alabama
  • Paulriques Bridgeforth, Alabama
  • Markel Bradford, Alabama
  • Bradley Sutton, Alabama
  • Melanie Peyton, Mississippi
  • Angela Craigo, Mississippi
  • Corinna Jones, South Carolina
  • Cari Brackett, Mississippi
  • Elizabeth Easterling, Mississippi
  • Shelton Tanner, Alabama
  • Erich Norton, Alabama
  • Shandy Wiggs, Alabama
  • Kimberly Johns, Alabama
  • Taylor Cranor, Alabama
  • Josh Green, Alabama
  • Chris Adams, Alabama
  • Regina Swavely, Alabama
  • Kelsy Manor, Alabama
  • Brandon Sawyer, Alabama
  • Noah Sawyer, Alabama
  • Christie Davis, Alabama
  • Rochelle Brown, Mississippi
  • Amanda Perkins, North Carolina
  • Amy Bragg, Kentucky
  • Heather Young, Tennessee
  • Jeremy Pilkington, Alabama

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