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SQ News – Q1 2024

Stratosphere Quality
Celebrating twitter post

Celebrating 15 years!

Fifteen years ago, we embarked on a mission to redefine quality assurance standards across the globe. Since then, we’ve grown, evolved, and continuously strived for excellence in every aspect of our business.

Our commitment to delivering world-class quality assurance services has enabled us to establish a strong global presence, serving clients across diverse industries.

Sq year employees
Just a few of the 35 employees celebrating this milestone with us!

We owe this achievement to our dedicated team of professionals, who have demonstrated unwavering commitment, expertise, and passion in ensuring the highest standards of quality for our clients.

Pictured here are just a few of the 35 employees celebrating this milestone with us!

Geographic Limitations?

With Stratosphere Quality Solutions, customers can expect seamless operations, optimized resource utilization, and exceptional service delivery regardless of geographic constraints, staffing limitations, or scheduling challenges.

  • Building and Deploying dedicated teams and utilizing our footprint to cross-train teams nationally, enabling us to handle projects simultaneously across different locations.
  • Executing the delivery process with robust data controls, standardized processes, comprehensive reports, and effective communication channels to ensure transparency and accountability.
  • Achieving Efficient Outcomes by limiting direct hires and financial impact, improving efficiency, and ensuring on-time completion of tasks
A map with a pin on it that says target

Our Experience

2023 Highlights


396,902,078 Parts Sorted


16,126,642 Non-Conforming Parts Found


18,522 New Projects

Pres club

2,500 Employees


1,840 Customer Locations

Noun map b bb c

48 U.S. States & Canadian Provinces

Man using laptop to do online survey online exam choosing the ri
**Conditions: Must be a new project with Stratosphere Quality. Quality Inspector hours only. One winner will be chosen. Enter to win until April 30.

We Want Your Feedback

Take a short survey and enter to win 8 free hours!

Stratosphere Quality is committed to providing excellent quality and service to our customers. To help us continuously improve, please take our short survey and be entered to win 8 inspection hours on your next new quality project.

Conditions apply.


Scott White, Team Leader from Mansfield, Ohio was the winner in our Stratosphere Quality inaugural football weekly picks pool!

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