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SQROCS Winners October 2022

Stratosphere Quality

Congratulations to our SQROCS Winners

SQROCS: Stratosphere Quality 
Recognizes Outstanding Contributions & Solutions

Please join us in congratulating the October 2022 winners of our SQROCS Program. The program is designed to provide the opportunity to feature employees who have gone above and beyond in delivering services to our clients and in supporting their teams.

Stratosphere Quality proudly recognizes employees who go above and beyond in delivering exceptional customer service and demonstrating excellence in performance and teamwork. SQROCS stands for Stratosphere Quality Recognizes Outstanding Contributions & Solutions, and we are proud to announce winners each month.

Please join us in congratulating the most recent winners of the SQROCS Program

North Region

  • Mark Honer
  • Tyler Shafer

Central Region

  • Amy Redman
  • Angle NegronJr
  • Ashley Snyder
  • Christopher Davies
  • Cody Ford
  • Darrell Lowery
  • Eugene Granger
  • Greg Tracy
  • Ian Manley
  • Janette Kearse
  • Justin Grumblin
  • Kristin Suarez
  • Lisa Hagestedt
  • Mackenzie Whitehead
  • Mason Byrd
  • Melissa Neace
  • Naomi Mong
  • Rickey Williams
  • Roy Wink
  • Smantha Myers
  • Tiffany Bryant
  • Timaya Genesch
  • Ariyan “AB” Beachem
  • Penny Curtis

South Region

  • Cassandra Morrison
  • Courtney Wallace
  • David Joyner
  • Flornell Staffold
  • Hershel Thompson
  • Jasmine Webster
  • Jennifer Edington
  • Jessica Steiner
  • Jessica Steiner
  • Kala Pierce
  • Kameron Smith
  • Keith Elder
  • Lisa Lawrence
  • Lisa Shafer
  • Paul Strain
  • Presious Chapman
  • Ramsay Anderson
  • Rashadd Ingrams
  • Robin Gabriel
  • Scot McKenzie
  • Sirenty Agnew
  • Stacy Parlanti
  • Timaya Stewart
  • Angenette Bennett

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