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SQROCS Winners December 2020

Congratulations, Winners

Please join us in congratulating the December 2020 winners of our SQRocs program. The program is designed to provide the opportunity to feature employees who have gone above and beyond in delivering services to our clients and in supporting their team. SQRocs stands for

Stratosphere Quality Recognizes Outstanding Contributions and Solutions.

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North Region - United States

  • Tara Durham, Michigan

Central Region - United States

  • Alma Delgadillo, Illinois
  • Adrian Hall, Illinois
  • Paul Leffelman, Illinois
  • Karen Haase, Indiana
  • Kevin Ream, Indiana
  • Michelle Seitzinger, Indiana
  • Becky Feltner, Ohio
  • Sasha Cataldo, Ohio
  • Taylor Fisher, Ohio
  • Mike Wolfe, Ohio
  • Jason Hamilton, Ohio
  • Anna Clem, Ohio
  • Cheryl Alltop, Ohio
  • Margaret Carroll, Ohio
  • Bethany Bolling, Ohio
  • Dessire Harp, Ohio
  • Barbara Adams, Ohio
  • Twyla Carter, Ohio
  • Sundae Stegal, Ohio
  • Benito Gomez, Ohio
  • Shane Rangos, Ohio
  • Katlin Cantrell, Ohio
  • Matthew Moore, Ohio
  • Rick Wilson, Indiana
  • Willard Hughes, Ohio
  • Jimmy Hicks, Ohio
  • Marjory Jones, Ohio
  • Robin Skinner, Indiana
  • Lisa Dibisceglie, Indiana
  • Linda Scruggs, Indiana

South Region - United States

  • Megan Isbell, Alabama
  • Christine Davis, North Carolina
  • Anthony Ervin, Alabama
  • Jacquelin Meadows, Alabama
  • Kristen Jones, Alabama
  • Markel Alexander, Texas
  • Jamaal Moore, Texas
  • Donna Steveson, Tennessee

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