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SQROCS Winners April & May 2021

Stratosphere Quality

Congratulations to our SQROCS Winners

SQROCS: Stratosphere Quality 
Recognizes Outstanding Contributions & Solutions

Please join us in congratulating the April & May 2021 winners of our SQROCS Program. The program is designed to provide the opportunity to feature employees who have gone above and beyond in delivering services to our clients and in supporting their team.

Stratosphere Quality proudly recognizes employees who go above and beyond in delivering exceptional customer service and demonstrating excellence in performance and teamwork. SQROCS stands for Stratosphere Quality Recognizes Outstanding Contributions & Solutions, and we are proud to announce winners each month.

Please join us in congratulating the most recent winners of the SQROCS Program

North Region – United States

  • Kevin Scurry, Michigan
  • Cora Davis, Michigan
  • Judy Oliver, Michigan


  • Donna Castro

Central Region – United States

  • Rhonda Glover, Ohio
  • Teresa Lattimer, Ohio
  • Jeremy Barker, Ohio
  • Jessica Leffel, Ohio
  • Kelsey Hackley, Ohio
  • Keith McManus, Indiana
  • Donovan Bell, Indiana
  • Sierra Raney, Indiana

South Region – United States

  • Dominique Rhodes, Tennessee
  • Angela Craigo, Mississippi
  • Kala Graham, Mississippi
  • Kelsey Shirley, Mississippi
  • Jesse Fuson, Tennessee
  • Stephanie Cross, Tennessee
  • Taylor Morgan, Missouri
  • Angela Baskette, Kentucky
  • Terra BoggsConnie, Tennessee
  • Emily Rudd, Tennessee
  • James Rheaume, Kentucky
  • Jeremy Whittsett, Kentucky
  • Natasha Williams, Mississippi
  • Brandon Alexander, Mississippi
  • Shakela Randle, Mississippi
  • Markel Bradford, Mississippi
  • Rochelle Brown, Mississippi
  • Patricia Montiel, Kentucky
  • Chrystal Cole, Alabama

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