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Optimize Your Supply Chain Management by Using a Third Party Quality Control Company

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Third party companies can allow your organization to focus energies on your core competencies and speed up the process of getting your product to market faster. Whether you are preparing for a product launch or dealing with a product recall, every minute counts. If you have more people, adherence to your workflow processes, and real- time data that gets you to market quicker, would the investment be worth it?

As a third party quality control company, we all too often witness delays in the process and a increased because many companies try manage the workload internally. Those companies are forced to pull key individuals from existing projects – usually higher value projects – and still were unable to dedicate the necessary resources for completing the project in a cost effective manner.

Some ideas to consider when weighing the options of managing a quality project internally or using a third party company:

1.) A third company can bring an abundance of trained people to the table for completing your project. From supervisors to inspectors, a fully established and assembled team dedicated to your project can drastically improve your project completion timeframe.

2.) Loss of control or fear of not understanding the scope of a project often triggers a company keeping sorting/containment work in-house. Third party companies have specific processes that tend to align with your internal processes. By working alongside your third party provider, you can benefit from an integration of your internal processes, and processes specific to quality control and quality assurance.

3.) Supplier analysis and management can be improved by utilizing an unbiased third party looking out for your best interest. Defects can occur throughout the supply chain, and a third party can often quickly identify the root cause of the defects, and oversee and manage the improvements of supplier quality.

4.) Real-time data for the project is key to identifying overall return on investment while also providing a big picture view of total quality management. There are different levels of data support, so finding a third party to provide robust and real-time data is a must when considering your options.

5.) Most third party companies understand that the relationship must be a win / win and will work hard for you to get the results you desire, and must be accountable for achieving those results.

There are many ways to optimize your supply chain management, and working with a third party provider is just one key solution. Click here for 5 more ways to optimize your supply chain management.

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