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Stratosphere Quality Newsletter – Ninth Edition

Date: April 11, 2023

Ninth Edition - April 2023

Happy New Year SQ

Happy New Year SQ – New Fiscal Year that is!

Our 2022 fiscal year was full of exciting milestones:

  • Over 15,000 new projects
  • 500 New Customers
  • 17 Million nonconforming parts contained
  • 483 Internal Promotions
  • 560 Employee Recognized with SQ Rocs
  • 25 President’s Club Winners

We are so proud of the SQ team and all the amazing accomplishments.  Each person has played an important role in our success.  Thank you for all your hard work and contributions.  It’s an exciting time to be a member of the Stratosphere Quality team.  We look forward to 2023; driving new business, making happy customers, and providing new opportunities for employees.

Thank you again!

Kyle Coffinger


Employee Spotlight: Rasha Amir

Employee Spotlight – Rasha Amir – April 2023

April’s employee spotlight is Rasha Amir, Project Manager in Canada.

Prior to coming to Stratosphere Quality Rasha was a Quality Supervisor for a PVC manufacturing company.  The company produced California Shutters.

Rasha saw a position for Stratosphere on a job board on the internet.  She researched Stratosphere and her background in quality and attention to detail piqued her interest.  Although she had not worked in the automotive sector she applied and was hired for the job of Team Leader.  After beginning her employment, she felt the work was very familiar. Rasha loves working in the automotive sector.  She enjoys the different activities and working in different locations.  

Rasha began her career with Stratosphere in 2014 as a Team Leader in the Brampton, ON area.  After being employed with Stratosphere for a few months, Rasha was promoted to the position of Project Supervisor.  In this position, Rasha reported to Sharon Macmillan.  Rasha gives credit to Sharon Macmillan for training her on how to run a project, conduct audits and communicate with the customer and her team members.  Rasha uses her training to help her team improve communication.  The small details provided to customers ensure they are happy with our service.  As Rasha gained experience with Stratosphere her territory was expanded to several sites.  In October 2018 Rasha was promoted to Project Manager covering Mississauga, Brampton, Woodbridge, Oakville, London, and Windsor.

Rasha focuses on ensuring her team members are trained well in communication, performance, and various types of projects. 

Rasha enjoys the teamwork at Stratosphere.  She is grateful for the support from management; the education and the training provided.  Management is there to help whenever a customer issue or concern arises.  She likes the company environment that allows team members to grow within the organization and is encouraged to learn.

Her advice to new employees is to take responsibility – if they don’t, they will not succeed.

What should you know about Rasha?

She is an open person and approachable.  She shares her knowledge with everyone.

If Rasha could solve one of the world’s problems, she would provide peace to everyone.  She would love to see honesty.  No lies, no cheating. 

SQ Team Meets at Top Golf in San Antonio

Taken last April 5th at Top Golf, San Antonio, TX – during Charlie’s visit to Texas. This was after a day’s work. We work hard and play hard equally!  Texas Strong! Some were not able to make it due to personal commitments.

Pictured: Charlie Ungetheim (VP US Operations), Jason Lord (Texas Project Manager), Mimi Daniels (Texas Recruiter), Daniel Villanueva (Texas Team Lead), and Mariah Cabrera (Texas Project Supervisor).

10 Year Anniversaries

Abar Syed – Toronto Production

Timothy Whisler – Indianapolis Production

Terry Noland – Customer Billing

Daniel Douglas – Indianapolis Production

5 Year Anniversaries

Tyler Benjamin – Battle Creek Production

Billy Allen – Dayton Production

Patricia Montiel – Lincolnton Production

Loretta Goodin – Mansfield Production

Amy White – Chrysler Detroit Production

1 Year Anniversaries

Eugene Granger – Team Leader
Vishnu SreeKumar – Team Lead 04-077
Sharon Calderon Castro – Quality Technician Level 1
Dontrell Duvall – Quality Inspector
Antonio Gaspar – Quality Inspector
Olympia Gaspar – Quality Inspector
Donald Grambsch – Quality Inspector
Oleg Konev – Senior Systems Administer
Maurice Simms – Quality Inspector
Tracey Stratton – Quality Inspector
Rickey Williams – Quality Inspector
Greta Crutcher – Quality Technician Level 1
Tyran Jimison – Quality Technician Level 1
Yirou Chen – Team Leader
Terry Balenger – Quality Inspector
Latika Brown – Project Supervisor
Nikita Jeffery – Quality Inspector
Nicole Keenan – Team Leader
Clyde Thomas – Quality Inspector
Danita Mascarenas – Project Supervisor
Franco Aranda – Project Supervisor
Elizabeth Griffin – Quality Inspector
Johnny Harvey – Quality Inspector
Matthew Morea – Project Supervisor
Alice Radel – Project Supervisor
Ashlyn Rhodes – Quality Inspector
Shannon Hall – Project Supervisor
Aman Benno – Team Lead 04-077
Toryn Stevenson – Quality Inspector
Bobby Newell – Quality Inspector
John Robidoux – Team Leader
Justice Stockton – Quality Inspector
Sierra Raney – Project Supervisor
Patsy Adams – Quality Inspector
Thomas Evans III – Team Leader
Rajbhinder Kaur Golan – Quality Inspector 04-080

Pets of the Month

We would love to see your pet, send in a picture and description to


This is Rolo. He was welcomed into our home and hearts in December of 2022. He’s a young bunny born in September of 2022. He has been slightly destructive but as a mother to a human and other fur babies, I know that it just comes with having a child (in any species). He is actually more of a fan to my registers than I’d like. He has left me small gifts in my office one which is why it’s caged off now 😊. He is a Rex rabbit and his coloring is called Otter. The moment I saw him, I knew he was meant to be a Rolo (yes just like the candy). He’s brought so much joy to my and my daughter since being here. He does high kicks (binkies) when he’s excited. He loves to groom me and my daughter when we lay with him. He is a partial free roam bunny and has our basement and my office to himself to hop around. He does sit with me while I work now. We are just getting him used to being picked up and handled more often. He is loved immensely already and cannot wait to see what the future brings with him. Pet Parent Owner: Trisha Bowser


Congrats to our employees who were promoted in February!

Role and Department changes in total:

  • QI → Driver = 2
  • QI → TL = 12
  • Quality Tech I → TL = 1
  • TL → PS = 13
  • PS → PM = 3
  • QI → F/L Operator = 1
  • QI → IT spec = 1
  • QI → Ops Admin Asst  = 1
  • QI → Ops Admin Asst  = 1
  • GM → Director of Ops  = 1

Operations Promotions

Garret Lollar (Team Leader)
Kyle Williams (Team Leader )
Joshua Wheeler (Team Leader )
Josephine Young (Team Leader )
Oh Ni Za (Team Leader )
Alix Verjan (Team Leader )
Jason Casto (Team Leader )
Kayden Aguirre (Team Leader )
McKaila Miller (Team Leader )
Tracey Stratton (Team Leader )
Colin McHenry (Team Leader )
Diamond Trevino (Team Leader )
Turrell Smith (Team Leader )
Shawnderrick Allen (Team Leader )
Tristain Cooley (Project Supervisor)
Russell Beard (Project Supervisor)
Ciara Blanchard (Project Supervisor)
Jessica Leffel (Project Supervisor)
Judy Eubanks (Driver)
John Osborne (Driver)
Nathaniel Turpin (Forklift Operator)
Taylor Morrison (Information Management Specialist)
Lacy Ratcliff (Ops Administrative Assistant)
Brady Melvin (Team Leader)
Tracy Franklin (Project Supervisor)
Tina Wallace (Project Supervisor)
Harold Frazier (Project Supervisor)
Betty Jarman (Project Supervisor)
Sandra Gilmore (Project Supervisor)
Nathan Bacote (Project Supervisor)
Vishnu Sree Kumar (Project Supervisor)
Kishankumar Solanki (Project Supervisor)
Toya Norman (Project Supervisor)
John Robidoux (Project Supervisor)
Angenette Bennett (Project Supervisor)
Katina Fulton (Project Supervisor)
Willie King III (Project Supervisor)
Charlotte Langston (Project Manager)
Heather Curts (Project Manager)
Sarah Hilton (Project Manager)
Kandice Thomas (Invoicing Specialist)
Derrell Yeager (Travel Coordinator)
Kevin Pever (Director of Operations)

Support Center Promotions

Marcia Ruderman (Payroll Coordinator)
Zachary Kazimier (Accounts Receivable Manager)
Nola Shepherd (Payroll Manager)
Kimberly Brooks (Director of Employee Services)
Melissa Heffelmire (Cragun) (Purchase Order Manager)
Terry Foster (Purchasing Coordinator)
Stephanie Smith (Accounting General Manager)
Steve Piegza (Payroll Manager)
Grant Gruen (Accounting Manager)
Ian Manley (IT Support Coordinator)
Ricky Wilson (IT Support Senior Coordinator)
Julie Johns (Accounting Analyst)
Brian Brooks (Executive Vice President)

Faces of SQ

If you would like to see your team highlighted, send a picture to

**Please be mindful not to capture any customer names, customer employees, or parts in your pictures.  

Bowling Green Team

Meet Stratosphere Quality's team in Bowling Green!

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