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Stratosphere Quality Newsletter – 13th Edition

Date: August 14, 2023

13th Edition - August 2023

Stay Safe in the Heat

There are health effects of the heat such as heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Some symptoms are:

  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Weakness
  • Heavy sweating
  • Elevated body temperature
  • Extreme fatigue

What can you do to avoid heat stress?

  • Drink fluids often
  • Rest on your breaks
  • Eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Workplace safety is everyone’s responsibility. Watch out for yourself and your fellow co-workers.

Have any questions? Contact us.


Clark Acton – 317-607-2693
John Shanley – 289-772-5870

Employee Spotlight: Mike Wolfe

August’s employee spotlight is Mike Wolfe, Operations Manager for Honda Marysville.

Prior to coming to Stratosphere Quality Mike worked in the insurance industry for 17 years. Mike has a degree in accounting and used his degree working with retirement plans during his time in insurance.

The insurance company Mike worked for was sold and he found himself back on the market. He read about Stratosphere in the newspaper and applied.

Mike began his career at Stratosphere as a Quality Inspector in January 2010. In February 2011 Mike was promoted to Team Leader. He continued to learn and train and was promoted to the position of Project Supervisor in July 2011. Mike’s knowledge and experience continued to grow, and in April 2017 he became a Project Manager and in November 2017 it led to a promotion to Site Operations Manager. His ambition and drive didn’t slow down and in July 2018 Mike was promoted to his current position of Operations Manager.

Mike enjoys the ability to do something different every day in his job at Stratosphere. He likes that his current position allows him the opportunity to go to different locations. He really likes the people he works with, many of them he’s worked with for several years.

Mike prefers working in a fast-paced but calm environment rather than a fast-paced and crazy environment.

Mike would advise new employees to work hard and learn as much as they can. He likes to share the story of his journey at Stratosphere to let them know there is an opportunity to grow. He would also tell them you never know what’s going to happen day to day, which keeps things interesting.

What should you know about Mike?
Mike has three children, two sons, and a daughter. Two of his children are adopted. They were born in Liberia, Africa.

If Mike could make the world better, he would eliminate hunger in the world. Having two children who grew up in Africa, and spending a couple of months there, he saw firsthand what it means to be hungry and how tragic it is. He knows hunger is not just something that happens in third-world countries, it is something that is very common, even in the United States. It is heartbreaking to think of kids in our communities going to sleep hungry every night.

Thank you, Mike, for your dedication and hard work!


Do you have a favorite recipe from your childhood, a recipe for a dish that everyone wants you to bring to a pitch in, or maybe a favorite from online? We would love for you to share your special recipes with us!

Send them in to 

10 Year Anniversaries

Norma McCroy – Chrysler Detroit Production

5 Year Anniversaries

Kala Ellington – Dayton Production
Kimberly Ellis – Indianapolis Production

1 Year Anniversaries

Aaron Parker – Indianapolis Production
Acie Burleson – Marysville Production
Ada Vera – Indianapolis Production
Aloysia Wall – Duncan Production
Ana Barboza – Indianapolis Production
Ana Calvillo – Alabama Production
April McCarty – Lexington Production
Austin Bellville – Indianapolis Production
Beverly Roth – Marysville Production
Bobby Cantrell – Marysville Production
Brianna Steigberg – Indianapolis Production
Caitlyn Wheeler – Chrysler Detroit Production
Daryl Neal – Mansfield Production
Eudo Carrizo Nino – Indianapolis Production
Eugene Wood – Nevada Production
Gabriel Martinez – Indianapolis Production
Gregory Banjoko – Dayton Production
Harriett Joseph – Dayton Production
Heather Michalski – Mansfield Production
Heather South – Honda Georgia Production
Jerry Barber – Nevada Production
Jordan Clarke – Honda Alabama Production
Jose Alana – Indianapolis Production
Joseph Onchimbo – Marysville Production
Justin Stover – Sidney Production
Kaden Lanham – Lexington Production
Karen Dubose – Honda South Carolina Production
Kelly Elkins – Marysville Production
Kyra Young – Illinois/Wisconsin Production
Ledia Almendarez – Northern California Production
Linda Foreman – Greensburg Production
Lorie Little – Mississippi Production
Mary Dunnam – Marysville Production
Marynell Vargas – Indianapolis Production
Mason Byrd – Dayton Production
Michael Sparks – Indianapolis Production
Nancy Mattingly – Lexington Production
Phito Barthelemy – Dayton Production
Ramesh Nataraj – Toronto Production
Rosemary Gallo – New York Production
Shaquille Williams – Marysville Production
Shequetta Hamilton – Duncan Production
Tameka Staggs – Tennessee Production
Todd Bryant – Indianapolis Production
Warren Joseph – Duncan Production

Pets of the Month

We would love to see your pet, send in a picture and description to


This is my 2 year old Frug (Frenchie/Pug mix). Her name is Mabel. She is a ball of energy and loves with all she has. She has been the perfect missing piece of our puzzle family puzzle. She also enjoys going to work with Mama every day. --Pet parent: Brandie Bookout


Congrats to our employees who were promoted in July!

QI to TL (11)
TL to PS (9)
QT to PS (1)
QI to Supplier Rep (1)
PS to PM (1)

Adrian Weller (Quality Inspector to Team leader)
Ana Calvillo (Quality Inspector to Team leader)
Ava Lopez (Quality Inspector to Team Leader)
Chelsey Hurst (Team Leader to Project Supervisor)
D’Ante’ Chambers (Quality Inspector to Team Leader)
Devon Looney (Quality Inspector to Team leader)
Diamond Trevino (Team Leader to Project Supervisor)
Gavin Chorrushi (Quality Inspector to Team Leader)
Gennifer May (Team Leader to Project Supervisor)
Iyuanna Carter (Quality Inspector to Team Leader)
Jackie Williams (Team Leader to Project Supervisor)
Jill Corgard (Quality Inspector to Team leader)
Justin Mason (Team Leader to Project Supervisor)
Latosha McGowan (Quality Inspector to Supplier Representative)
Levi Schwacke (Team Leader to Project Supervisor)
Mandy Coffman (Quality Technician to Project Supervisor)
Ramesh Nataraj (Team Leader to Project Supervisor)
Ranjit Jadeja (Quality Inspector to Team Leader)
Rico Gore (Quality Inspector to Team Leader)
Shannon Hall (Project Supervisor to Project Manager)
Shannon McGregor (Team Leader to Project Supervisor)
Trisha Cruz (Quality Inspector to Team Leader)
Yussel Garcia (Team Leader to Project Supervisor)

Faces of SQ

If you would like to see your team highlighted, send a picture to

**Please be mindful not to capture any customer names, customer employees, or parts in your pictures.  

SQ Operations

Team in Georgia after a customer meeting

Contact Us

Have a question or need help? Here are the best ways to contact various departments within Stratosphere Quality.

Human Resources
877-224-8584 *Dial 5

877-224-8584 * Dial 4

877-224-8584 *Dial 3

IT Help Desk

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