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Stratosphere Quality Newsletter – 11th Edition

Date: June 14, 2023

11th Edition - June 2023

June Safety Month Daily Action Plan

June is National Safety Month: As part of National Safety Month, Stratosphere Quality’s Safety Department will be sending out daily Action plans on important safety tools and items. Each day, concentrate your safety activity on that topic as you work through your day; team discussions, training, auditing, etc.

Standardization = Everyone follows the same process, the same way – every time!
Key Points: Standardization simplifies, expedites & improves training; applies everywhere – set-up, flow, process. Document standard steps in work instruction.

Safety Starts With Me


Travel Requests


SQ Travelers,
To assist in the efficient processing of SQ travel requests, all travel requests must be submitted in a new email format.  Please see the example here: Travel Request Guidelines 6.5.2023

For more information or questions, contact the travel department at

Please share this important information with any team members who do not have SQ email.  Thanks in advance for your cooperation with these changes.

(NOTE: This does not affect the current per diem request form and submission process.)

Employee Spotlight: Keith Cassell

June’s employee spotlight is Keith Cassell, IT Support Manager at the Support Center.

Before coming to Stratosphere Quality Keith worked in a variety of industries. He worked on an oil rig as a chain hand, he was a police officer for four years and he worked at Allstate as a licensed resident producer. Keith does his very best no matter what the job is.

Keith began working for Stratosphere through Robert Half Technology. In 2015 Keith was brought on as a full-time employee in the position of Support Analyst. In November 2016, he was promoted to Support Analyst III. On May 13, 2019, Keith was promoted to his current position of IT Support Manager.

Before Keith decided to take the job with Robert Half, he considered returning to the police force. He called his dad and discussed the options with him. His dad said, “Remember why you left the police force”. Being a police officer would be better pay initially, but very difficult as a single dad. Keith decided to take the job through Robert Haft and began his adventures at Stratosphere. He says he is beyond thankful that he made this decision. He loves his career, the stability, and the pursuits it allows him.

Keith describes himself as a hands-on manager. He teaches and coaches his team members on processes and then allows them to “tweak” the processes to work for them. He allows his team to do their own thing but is always there to help if needed.

Keith loves the people he works with. He says Stratosphere does more for its employees than any company he’s worked at before. He feels we are like a big giant family and when he talks to employees he feels like he’s talking to a friend or family member. He admitted that sometimes there can be frustrations but he still loves it.

Keith’s advice to new employees is to come in with an open mind. Stratosphere is a unique industry and takes different approaches than other companies. If they come in with an open mind, they can learn much and advance their career.

What should you know about Keith?
When Keith started working for Stratosphere, he was a single dad of three young children. He got married around six years ago. His youngest child is now 18 years old.

Keith loves racing, specifically Indy car racing. One of his hobbies is racing online.

If Keith could make the world better, he would find a cure for Alzheimer’s. He lost his grandmother to Alzheimer’s after battling the horrible disease for 13 years. Keith remembers that his grandmother knew what was happening but couldn’t stop it. It was very difficult to watch a loved one go through the cruelty.

Keith appreciates his team and has nothing but good things to say about them. He said they are the best IT desk team he has ever worked with.

Thank you, Keith, for your dedication and hard work!

Stratosphere Quality Community Involvement

In April Wayne and three team members Trista Taylor, Donny Elliot, and Noah Taylor participated in the City of Sidney Parks volunteer project! Everyone involved was very happy with the progress. The team really represented Stratosphere Quality in a good way.

“Thanks again for thinking of the Sidney Parks for your volunteer project. As I mentioned during our get together on Monday, this is something that wouldn’t have been done without volunteers like you and the others. Holy cow……you and your team hit a home run in Tawawa yesterday. The staff was impressed how much Stratosphere Quality got done and how hard you all worked yesterday. It looks great and park staff spent the day hauling all that was removed from the side of Whipp Road.

I want to thank you and the SQ staff for all that you did in such a short amount of time. Well done!”

Look for a social media post on the city’s Facebook page today.

Representative – CPRP
City of Sidney

10 Year Anniversaries

Bonnie Morgan – Indianapolis Production
Joshua Kissell – Indianapolis Staff
Tammy Hittle – Dayton Production

5 Year Anniversaries

Geo Tharayil – Toronto Production
Gerald Bolander – Wisconsin Production
Hamilton Alley – Dayton Production
Joyce Delaney – Dayton Production

1 Year Anniversaries

AaquibAli KAbdulRahiman – Toronto Production
Adryann Birdwell – Indianapolis Production
Aileen Little – Mansfield Production
Alexis Eddy – Indianapolis Production
Ana Molina – Tennessee Production
Andrea Martin – Indianapolis Production
Andreanna Carson – Honda South Carolina Production
Beverly Echols – Field Services Production
Bobbie Lowther – Duncan Production
Brandon Rutland – Mansfield Production
Brooke Smith – Illinois/Wisconsin Production
Carlos Ceaser – Chrysler Detroit Production
Christina Weyandt – Marysville Production
Ciara Crook – Marysville Production
Crystal Henderson – Indianapolis Production
Dalton Newsome – Texas Production
Daniel Fosnaugh – Marysville Production
DeMarcus Burnhart – Alabama Production
Denisha Starr – Georgia Production
Donna Hull – Indianapolis Production
Donna Kirklin – Marysville Production
Elandria Wilson – Dayton Production
Elijah Sexton – Dayton Production
Emlee Sparks – Greensburg Production
Francoise Valcourt – Dayton Production
Gurwinder Singh – Toronto Production
Harley Carico – Project Support
Harry Grant – Chrysler Detroit Production
Henry Patterson – Dayton Production
Isaiah King – Mansfield Production
jacob curd – Alabama Production
Jason Lord – Texas Staff
JN Cherubin Renois – Dayton Production
Jocelyne Jean Baptiste – Dayton Production
Jonathon Shackelford – Greensburg Production
Joshua Lewis – Mississippi Production
Julio Hernandez – Tennessee Production
Kaleb Carlson – Lexington Production
Kathryn Jackson – Alabama Production
Kim Moon – Sidney Production
Kimberly Mills – Alabama Production
Kinnon Hope – Duncan Production
Larry Nickolae – Battle Creek Production
LeAnne Landskroener – Recruiting
Linda Cesinger – Indianapolis Production
Manavdeep Singh – Toronto Production
Mandy Coffman – Alabama Production
Marie Plonquet – Dayton Production
Myshaun Howell – Chrysler Detroit Production
Nabin Karki – Toronto Production
Nicholas Shaklo – Indianapolis Production
Peter Jamerson – Chrysler Detroit Production
Ramona Graves – Duncan Production
Richard Williams – Chrysler Detroit Production
Ricky Pinyan Jr. – Alabama Production
Rico Gore – Duncan Production
Robert Tolley – Marysville Production
Ronald Louime – Dayton Production
Russell McLeod – Honda South Carolina Production
Ryan Hodges – Alabama Production
Seth Barton – Pennsylvania Production
Shana Ellington – Detroit Production
Shawnderrick Allen – Duncan Production
Stacey Fout – Marysville Production
Stacy Abell – Greensburg Production
Terry Newland – Marysville Production
Tysheika Hardy – Honda South Carolina Production

Pets of the Month

We would love to see your pet, send in a picture and description to


I am a 2-year-old German Shepherd. I came to my owner in October of 2022. I love to play fetch with any toy or stick in the yard. I am a very good dog, I love going on walks and belly rubs. -- Pet parent: Tommy Woodward


Congrats to our employees who were promoted in May!

Total Promotions:

  • QI → Driver = 2
  • Driver to QI =1
  • Driver to TL =1
  • Intern to IT Support Coordinator =1
  • PS to PM =2
  • PS to Scheduler =1
  • QI to TL =18
  • QI to Forklift Operator =1
  • QI to PS =1
  • QT to TL =1
  • TL to PS =14

Ashley Owens (Quality Inspector to Team Leader)
Austin Laster (Quality Inspector to Team Leader)
Brady Melvin (Quality Technician to Team Leader)
Christopher Mullins (Intern to IT Support Coordinator)
Cindy Redd (Quality Inspector to Project Supervisor)
Daris Whitaker (Quality Inspector to Team Leader)
Ethan Russell (Quality Inspector to Team Leader)
Fabian Villalba (Team Leader to Project Supervisor)
Fred Brigner (Quality Inspector to Team Leader)
Heather Young (Team Leader to Project Supervisor)
Hillary Pitts (Team Leader to Project Supervisor)
Jackie Fletcher (Project Supervisor to Project Manager)
Jeff Rawles (Team Leader to Project Supervisor)
Jeremy Barker (Quality Inspector to Team Leader)
Jessica Rambo (Team Leader to Project Supervisor)
Joseph Garland (Driver to Team Leader)
Justin Mason (Quality Inspector to Team Leader)
Katelyn Batter (Team Leader to Project Supervisor)
LaTonya Woodbury (Quality Inspector to Team Leader)
Laura Barnes (Quality Inspector to Team Leader)
Levi Schwache (Quality Inspector to Team Leader)
Lisbet Garces (Driver to Quality Inspector)
Maliah Allen (Quality Inspector to Team Leader)
Mariama Kamara (Project Supervisor to Project Manager)
Mark Honer (Team Leader to Project Supervisor)
Maurice Simms (Quality Inspector to Forklift Operator)
Michael Powell (Quality Inspector to Team Leader)
Pamela Panchal (Quality Inspector to Team Leader)
Quentina Roberts (Quality Inspector to Team Leader)
Ranada Walker (Team Leader to Project Supervisor)
Rashell Pipkin (Team Leader to Project Supervisor)
Regina McClain (Team Leader to Project Supervisor)
Ricky Eades (Team Leader to Project Supervisor)
Robert Rivers (Team Leader to Project Supervisor)
Rolisha Foutner (Project Supervisor to Scheduler)
Staci Smith (Quality Inspector to Team Leader)
Tammy Edge (Quality Inspector to Team Leader)
Thomas Evans (Team Leader to Project Supervisor)
Tiana Gaucin (Team Leader to Project Supervisor)
Timothy Schoenleber (Quality Inspector to Team Leader)
Yussel Garcia (Quality Inspector to Team Leader)

Faces of SQ

If you would like to see your team highlighted, send a picture to

**Please be mindful not to capture any customer names, customer employees, or parts in your pictures.  

Thankful Thursday

Team members at APMM celebrate a week of successful of projects.

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