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I started out as a DQI in 2013 through a temporary agency in Anderson, IN. I had just graduated with an associate’s degree in the medical field and was looking for a steady income in my designated field. I went to Marysville, OH with about 200 other DQIs from around Indiana, ultimately getting my hours in and becoming a full-time SQ inspector.

I was then promoted to a Team Lead position and ultimately the Project Supervisor position in Central Indiana. It happened within a couple of years, and then 5 years ago I became a Project Manager. My reason for staying with Stratosphere Quality is my passion to make things better. Our jobs matter – when I hire people, I always tell them that my wish for them is to know that they make a difference in people’s lives. Not many realize the full impact that we have on society.

The passion statement still holds true today: when we consciously influence one person, we unconsciously influence ten others.