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I began my journey in production at the age of 18, accumulating six hand surgeries over the years. Eventually, the physical strain prompted me to transition out of line production. Turning to a local temp office, I discovered Stratosphere Quality and embraced the opportunity to work as a Quality Inspection Service temp. Despite my 26 years in production, the work at Stratosphere Quality felt refreshing, involving various quality checks and the use of different gauges and tools. After 480 hours as a temp, I eagerly converted to a full-time SQ employee, motivated by the impact my checks had on preventing defective parts from reaching customers.

What sets Stratosphere Quality apart is the sense of family and support within the company. As a Project Supervisor, I appreciate the camaraderie and open communication within the diverse team, working collaboratively toward shared goals. The company’s commitment to safety, well-being, and continuous learning is evident, with access to the LMS for ongoing training. Every project brings new challenges, and the sense of purpose in ensuring quality, like inspecting axles for broken welds, is personally fulfilling.

My journey includes promotions from DQI to SQ QI to Team Lead and eventually Project Supervisor. While the extra income matters, what truly matters is the autonomy to meet customers, provide excellent service within SQ’s guidelines, and share knowledge with the team. Notable achievements include forklift certification and successful project leadership. Despite challenges in the onboarding process, my transfer to the Lincolnton Region has solidified my sense of belonging and growth potential, guided by supportive supervision. Looking ahead, my goal is to become a PS2, a testament to the continuous journey of learning and advancement at Stratosphere Quality.