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I chose to join Stratosphere for several compelling reasons. Firstly, the diversity within the organization keeps every project exciting and challenging. Working on various tasks, from handling car parts to inspecting different automobile components, ensures that each day brings something new and interesting. Secondly, the supportive management at SQ has been crucial to my professional journey. Whether dealing with work-related matters or personal issues, the management has consistently backed me up, providing encouragement for continuous improvement. Another appealing aspect is the opportunity to travel to different locations across Ontario, and as a Supervisor, I even had the chance to travel to the USA multiple times.

My current role as Site Operations Manager at the Chep plant is immensely fulfilling. The challenge of elevating our plant to the next level, maintaining its status as the No. #1 production plant (awarded last year), and the safest plant in North America among all Chep facilities is a significant and enjoyable undertaking. Additionally, contributing to the growth of fellow employees and witnessing their development is a source of pride, as I’ve been able to nurture their leadership skills.

Reflecting on my journey at SQ, I’ve experienced significant promotions, starting as an Agency Quality Inspector in 2015 and progressing to SQ Quality Inspector, Team Leader, Project Supervisor, SQ Production Supervisor Chep, and ultimately, Site Operations Manager in 2022. Each promotion has been a result of hard work, dedication, and the constant support of the management team. I am grateful for the opportunities provided by Stratosphere and am eager to continue contributing to the company’s success.