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I decided to join this organization because I believe my knowledge aligns perfectly with the requirements for success in both the role and the company. What I find most appealing about my position and the company is the opportunity to collaborate with an exceptional team. Working in an environment that values forward-thinking and provides unwavering support highlights the company’s understanding that employees are indeed its greatest asset.

Throughout my time at SQ, I have experienced promotions due to my ability to effectively work as a team member with individuals from diverse educational, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. This collaborative spirit has not only facilitated professional growth but has also contributed to maintaining a safe and healthy working environment.

Reflecting on the onboarding process in my territory, I appreciate the company’s strategy of empowering new hires right from the beginning. Rather than overwhelming them on day one, the approach is to incrementally provide the knowledge necessary for the job. This method ensures that new employees are set up for success from the get-go.