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I initially joined Stratosphere Quality as a Temporary Associate in 2018 through an agency, working in various locations of SPS for three years. The decision to join Stratosphere Quality directly stemmed from the enticing prospect of career growth and the opportunity to enhance my professional skills. The dynamic and challenging nature of the job, which exposes me to different situations daily, has significantly boosted my confidence and sharpened my problem-solving abilities.

In my role, I’ve had the privilege of interacting with a diverse range of customers across different locations, fulfilling my enjoyment of communicating with various people. As a Project Supervisor, I’ve delved into new processes, expanding my understanding of business and warehouse operations.

Starting as a General Associate, I swiftly progressed to the role of Team Leader within a month. After eight months in that position, I earned a promotion to Project Supervisor. Currently, I am stationed at Simcoe Parts Service, contributing to Honda’s parts supply chain. Managing a team that supports SPS by providing adequate manpower according to demand, I oversee associates in eight different plants, engaging in diverse roles such as operating forklifts and tuggers. The varied projects at SPS continually expose me to new processes and deepen my knowledge of automotive manufacturing. Stratosphere Quality has proven to be an excellent workplace, offering continual learning opportunities and a supportive environment.