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Stratosphere Quality Newsletter – Tenth Edition

Date: May 10, 2023

Tenth Edition - May 2023

Stratosphere Quality Announces a 401k Matching Contribution

The Stratosphere Quality 401k retirement savings plan is one of the easiest and most convenient ways for employees to save for retirement, and it’s about to get better. We’re excited to share that beginning May 1, 2023, SQ is adding a 401k employer match contribution to the retirement plan so that you can look forward to a more secure financial future.


SQ will provide a match contribution to each participant’s eligible 401k contributions (for either the Pre-Tax or Roth plan) in an amount equal to:

  • 50% of the first 3% of the participant’s contributions
  • 25% of the next 3% of the participant’s contributions, up to a max of 6%


Part-time and full-time employees who have reached the age of 18 are eligible to participate in the SQ 401k Retirement Plan after six (6) months of service. All employees are automatically enrolled after six (6) months of service at a rate of 3%, with the option to opt-out or select a different contribution rate between 1% to 75%.

Employees are always 100% vested in their own contributions to the 401k plan. This means your contributions (plus any earnings on those contributions) belong entirely to you, and you can take them with you when you retire or otherwise leave SQ.

The employer match contributions, however, are subject to a vesting schedule, as illustrated below. While your contributions to the plan are matched immediately, you earn the rights to (or “vest” in) the employer matching contributions over a period of six years.


Less than 2


2 years

3 years


4 years


5 years


6 years +



SQ will make the match contribution to your participant account as often as you contribute – in other words, as often as you get paid – weekly or biweekly. SQ will contribute $0.50 of the first 3% of your eligible contributions and $0.25 of the next 3% of your eligible contributions.


Employees enrolled in the SQ 401k plan will automatically receive company matching contributions into their ADP retirement account beginning with the May 12th pay date. To receive a company match, employees must contribute at least 1% of their income in either the Pre-Tax or Roth plans and contribute 6% to maximize the match.


If you’ve opted out in the past and wish to participate now or want to change your current contribution amount, you have a couple of options for enrolling or making changes:

  • − Online at OR
  • − Calling ADP Retirement at (800) 695-7526 OR
  • − Via the ADP Mobile app

Look for additional communications from ADP Retirement the week of May 1st with additional information and reminders.

Download this information as a PDF file

Employee Spotlight: Tasha Bayne

May’s employee spotlight is Tasha Bayne, Project Manager in South Carolina.

Prior to coming to Stratosphere Quality Tasha did clerical, administrative, and customer service work. She started working in Quality in 2004 and found she loved it. She describes herself as someone that “flies by the seat of her pants”. She is not a sit-behind-a-desk type of employee and enjoys the fact that what we do is diverse and constantly changing.

After the previous business that Tasha worked for went out of business, she was out of work for two days when she received a call from her mentor from the previous business. She was offered a position with a new company, Stratosphere Quality. She began her career at Stratosphere as a Quality Inspector. She also did administrative work, recruiting, training, and scheduling. She did a little bit of everything until her manager asked her if would be interested in becoming a Project Manager. Tasha was promoted to Project Manager in 2011 and maintains that title today.

Tasha likes a positive and friendly work environment. She ensures her team feels appreciated and receives recognition for their hard work. She says she has a wonderful team from the bottom to the top of the organization.

Tasha is very passionate about her role at Stratosphere and feels she has a knack for this kind of work. She appreciates the fact that Stratosphere cares about growth opportunities for all employees and has noticed a positive change in the company over the past four years. Tasha feels Stratosphere is a very family-style business environment and she is very happy with what she does.

Tasha’s advice to new employees is to be flexible. To always be a sponge and take in all that is presented to them. She would recommend that they be intentional in their actions.

What should you know about Tasha?
Tasha is a single mother to a wonderful daughter, London. London is in her first year of college. Tasha has two Labrador retriever dogs. She likes to stay active in her spare time and is competitive. Tasha participates in 5Ks for charities. In Tasha’s spare time, she enjoys volunteering. She works with underprivileged children, children with autism, and people suffering from depression, anxiety, or dementia. She enjoys helping those in need.

If Tasha could make the world better, she would have everyone be kind and respectful to one another.

Thank you, Tasha, for your dedication and hard work!

10 Year Anniversaries

Judy Oliver – Battle Creek Production

5 Year Anniversaries

Beverly Fritts – Indianapolis Production
Heather Kersey – Georgia Production
Tyler Karg – Dayton Production

1 Year Anniversaries

Alexandria Kinnamon – Tennessee Production
Aloni Ludlow – Indianapolis Production
Angela Mitchell – Alabama Production
Angela Helton – Dayton Production
Anna Day – Indianapolis Production
Annia Lisa Shafer – Alabama Production
Barbara Hansford – Pennsylvania Production
Cayla Scales – Indianapolis Production
Christie Miller – Marysville Production
Danielle Yoakem – Mansfield Production
Demetrius Doby – Alabama Production
Dmarcus Young – Mansfield Production
Dominick Olivo – Mansfield Production
Eric Vancampen – Battle Creek Production
George Griggs – Tennessee Production
Grant Gruen – Acctg/Finance
Ivia Carter – Alabama Production
James Gordon – Greensburg Production
Jeff Marratta – Indianapolis Production
Keisha Kelly – Lexington Production
Kennedy Lark – St. Joseph Production
Keymonie Edwards – Chrysler Detroit Production
Kieara Watkins – Alabama Production
Marcus Keels – Honda South Carolina Production
Marqueda Morris – Honda South Carolina Production
Matthew Shellabarger – Sidney Production
Michael Denham – Indianapolis Production
Molly Anglin – Georgia Production
Noah Taylor – Sidney Production
Pandya, Rajendra – Toronto Production
Rachel Seymour – Greensburg Production
Raymond Deitenbeck – Marysville Production
Reginald Session – Northern California Production
Rosalva Esquivel – Illinois/Wisconsin Production
Ryan Thompson – Tennessee Production
Sandra Headrick – Georgia Production
Sara Lewis – Indianapolis Production
Stephen Dunnam – Marysville Production
Tanasia Parker – Honda South Carolina Production
Tim Gensch – Indianapolis Production
Tim Shinn – Indianapolis Production
Vernon Lewis – Alabama Production
William Simmons – Tennessee Production
William Coker – Marysville Production
Zachary Vanhorn – Dayton Production

Pets of the Month

We would love to see your pet, send in a picture and description to

Cash and Hank

This is Cash and Hank. Cash is the little fella on the left and Hank is the big boy on the right. Both are Goldendoodles, Cash is the baby, he is 1.5 years old, and Hank is the big brother and is 2.5 years old. They have two completely different personalities, Cash has Dad's (outgoing and very friendly ) personality and Hank has his Mommy’s personality (quiet and very laid back). Hank came to us shortly after we had to put down our fur baby we had for 14 years. We both said we would never own another dog. However, when we met Hank that was it, we had to have him. Then along came the opportunity to get Cash and we could not pass it up. They are spoiled to the point that when we remodeled our house last year my wife had me build them their own bedrooms. They love to run around the yard and play ball. Cash will actually play soccer and he love chewing on a good stick. Hank will just sit and watch (he doesn’t care to much for the exercise). These two bring so much joy, fun, and happiness to our entire family!! --Pet Parent: Ray Lanpher


Sari is my female pet rat. I have been breeding pet rats for two years now and recently discovered the Harley gene was hiding in my line. This makes it so she has a long fur coat. Sari has been hand raised and is a very sweet girl who LOVES milk bone dog treats and strawberries! She really enjoys shoulder rides and the occasional trip outdoors. I hope Sari gets a fulfilling life experience in our home! --Pet Parent: Rachel Moore


Congrats to our employees who were promoted in May!

Total Promotions:

  • QI → Driver = 2
  • QI → TL = 4
  • TL → PS = 3

Alexander Russell (Quality Inspector to Driver)
Craig Sinacola (Quality Inspector to Team Leader)
Francoise Valcourt (Quality Inspector to Team Leader)
Jason Stanley (Quality Inspector to Team Leader)
Kanesha Parker (Quality Inspector to Team Leader)
Katina Fulton (Team Leader to Project Supervisor)
Ledia Almendarez (Team Leader to Project Supervisor)
Martin Jefferson (Team Leader to Project Supervisor)
Natjuan Brownridge (Quality Inspector to Driver)
Turrell Smith (Quality Inspector to Team Leader )

Faces of SQ

If you would like to see your team highlighted, send a picture to

**Please be mindful not to capture any customer names, customer employees, or parts in your pictures.  

Saltillo and Queretaro Team

These team members are from our Saltillo and Queretaro areas. We also hosted an IPFW session with 13 PS/TL in Saltillo.

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877-224-8584 *Dial 3

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