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SQ Employee News: February 2024

Date: February 19, 2024

19th Edition - February 2024

Why SQ For The Past Years
Celebrate Yrs Andrea Mayfield
Celebrate Yrs Charlie Ungetheim
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Celebrate Yrs James Stillson
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Celebrate Yrs Lynne Kelley

Celebrating 15 Years!

SQ Year Employees

Employee Spotlight: Kari O'Rourke

As we near the end of February, maybe you’ve been celebrating your loved ones this month, or soaking in some Black History Month knowledge, or maybe you have been waiting for NBA All-Star weekend, hopefully, all of the above!

We are showing some love this month to one of our Project Supervisors, Dr. Kari O’Rourke out of our Kansas City region. Dr. O’Rourke is from Kansas City and received her Ph.D. in Education in 2023 from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. She has been actively involved in various ministries in KC for more than 4 decades with a focus on advocacy and service to those who are resource-poor. She is the chair of the Interfaith and Ecumenical Committee at Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral, is a member of the Advocates of Silenced Turkey Advisory Board, and is a US Navy veteran.

Before coming to SQ, Kari was a legal assistant in immigration defense which included long hours and was emotionally taxing for her. Kari found the SQ job listing online and made an inquiry. Kari wanted a position that would enable her to complete her dissertation and other writing goals in her free time. Kari needed consistency and stability and SQ has provided that for her. When asked, why SQ? Kari’s response, “Because I enjoy it! I get to live in real-life episodes of “How Things Are Made” which I find interesting. SQ also affords me the opportunities that I need to be able to pursue my passion of volunteer advocacy work, which I take very seriously.” Kari admits, she has very high standards and holds her teams accountable while striving to do it in a way that fosters continuous improvement within each individual’s capacity. Kari’s golden rule is to treat people as she would hope to be treated, keep them safe, and keep them engaged. Kari not only enjoys what she is doing for SQ but is thankful for the job stability, I am able to continue my advocacy work. I also spend my free time volunteer-teaching ELL (English Language Learner) on weekends and preparing articles and a book for publication.

Kari’s best piece of advice to any new employee coming to SQ is to listen to understand rather than listen to respond. Attend to the details of what you are expected to understand then respond with questions and actions that lead to a greater depth of knowledge.

Though Kari has been an advocate and has seen many world issues firsthand, if Kari had a magic wand she would instill conflict resolution. She feels we need a better way of resolving disputes both in our personal lives and in the global community in which we live. “I absolutely abhor “agree to disagree” – all that does is leave the conflict to fester; we must stay at the table and work through equitable and fair solutions to our disagreements.”

Dr. Kari O’Rourke, we appreciate all that you are doing for SQ and thank you for your service in the Navy and to our country. As well as we commend you for all of your ongoing efforts to the resource-poor. Keep up the amazing work!


Do you have a favorite recipe from your childhood, a recipe for a dish that everyone wants you to bring to a pitch in, or maybe a favorite from online? We would love for you to share your special recipes with us!

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Inside-Out Red Velvet Cookies

Inside Out Red Velvet Cookies Lead F F A F

Best Inside-Out Red Velvet Cookies Recipe – How To Make Red Velvet Cookies (

10 Year Anniversaries

Donald Elliott – Sidney Production

5 Year Anniversaries

Joseph Luth – Indianapolis Production
Renade Evans – Honda Alabama Production
Steven Jump – Lexington Production
Teresa Cole – Sidney Production
Timothy Lewis – Field Services Production

1 Year Anniversaries

AbdulMuqtadir Mannanai – Toronto Production
Abudaramane Bah – Tennessee Production
April Rosario – Duncan Production
Bart Giles – Duncan Production
Charles Bagwell – Alabama Production
Cheon Walton – Tennessee Production
Christian Cox – Indianapolis Production
Christopher Solano – Arizona Production
Claudia Rodriguez Castro – Indianapolis Production
Clifford Gibson – Chrysler Detroit Production
Dennis Hawkins – Alabama Production
Elbin Peter – Toronto Production
Elizabeth Ramos – Sidney Production
Elvis Oneal – Honda South Carolina Production
Gregory Reeder – Honda Alabama Production
Heather Young – Marysville Production
Jahdiah JacobsEl – Alabama Staff
Jamie Stillson – Project Support
Jason Lee – Kansas City Production
John Osborne – Marysville Production
Jonah Church – Sidney Production
Josephine Young – Nevada Production
Joshua Steinke – Nevada Production
Julie Seymour – Payroll
Kim Fields – Marysville Staff
Kirandeep Kaur – Toronto Production
Lacy Ratcliff – Marysville Production
Latrenda Guines – Mississippi Production
Lucious Jones – Alabama Production
Marceana Echols – Field Services Production
Matthew Graham – Alabama Production
Matthew Harper – Marysville Production
Nicholas Huffman – Battle Creek Production
Nicholas Parker – Honda Georgia Production
Nickie Callaway – Mansfield Production
Ogden Schmidt – Illinois/Wisconsin Production
Oyika Scott – Duncan Production
Patricia Jones – Chrysler Detroit Production
Russell Beard – Kansas City Production
Sandra Sandoval – Alabama Production
Sonya Shapas – Battle Creek Production
Sydney-Rejae Ruffin – Nevada Production
Tammy Morris – Mississippi Production
Tasha Gibson – Duncan Production
Teressa Doss – Sidney Production
Terri Yarber – Indianapolis Production
Terry Willis – Honda Alabama Production
Thelma Pope – Georgia Production
Tianna Ward – Sidney Production
Tim Howland – Tennessee Production
Tina Austin – Greensburg Production
Todd Schwiebert Jr – Mansfield Production
Yogesh Kumar – Toronto Production

Pets of the Month

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Meet Milo, the 10-year-old golden doodle with a passion for treats and following mom everywhere! Taking walks and stealing hearts wherever he goes! #PawsomeLife Pet Parent: Shamay Theobald (Human Resources)


Congrats to our employees who were promoted!

QI to TL = 15
QI to PS = 2
Parts Quality line call Support to Parts Quality Supervisor = 1
TL to PS = 11
Invoicing Specialist to Invoicing Coordinator = 1

Alexander Ellis (Quality Inspector → Team Leader)
Amina Sowers (Quality Inspector → Team Leader)
Ashten Hines (Quality Inspector → Team Leader)
Daniel Thompson (Quality Inspector → Team Leader)
Darlene Hammons (Quality Inspector → Team Leader)
DeShawn Wilson (Parts Quality – Line Call Support → Parts Quality Supervisor)
Dustin Taylor (Team Leader → Project Supervisor)
Emlee Sparks (Team Leader → Project Supervisor)
Jaqwana Doss (Quality Inspector → Team Leader)
Jarrod Cowan (Quality Inspector → Project Supervisor)
Jason Walton (Quality Inspector → Project Supervisor)
Jeff Marratta (Team Leader → Project Supervisor)
John Padgett (Team Leader → Project Supervisor)
Keneshia Edmondson (Quality Inspector → Team Leader)
Keneshia Edmondson (Quality Inspector → Team Leader)
Kyle Hull (Quality Inspector → Team Leader)
Latoya Jones (Team Leader → Project Supervisor)
Martreyveous Brasher (Quality Inspector → Team Leader)
Media Hawezi (Team Leader → Project Supervisor)
Myrakel Heard (Quality Inspector → Team Leader)
Myrakel Heard (Quality Inspector → Team Leader)
Nikeya Hill (Quality Inspector → Team Leader)
Prabhjot Singh (Team Leader → Project Supervisor)
Rachel Shepherd (Invoicing Specialist → Invoicing Coordinator)
Rance Millus (Team Leader → Project Supervisor)
Sophia Kinder (Quality Inspector → Team Leader)
Sulayman Janneh (Quality Inspector → Team Leader)
Timothy Schoenleber (Team Leader → Project Supervisor)
Traye Schoettmer (Team Leader → Project Supervisor)
Vernon Lewis (Team Leader → Project Supervisor)

Faces of SQ

If you would like to see your team highlighted, send a picture to

**Please be mindful not to capture any customer names, customer employees, or parts in your pictures.  

Kevin Kelly's new Granddaughter!

Congratulations to Kevin Kelly and family on the safe arrival of the fifth granddaughter, Adelaide Elizabeth Kelly born on January 10, 2024!

Ashley Lee, official Honda Safety Advocate

We are delighted to share a moment of pride as we extend our heartfelt congratulations to Ashley Lee, our esteemed Honda South Carolina Site Operations Manager, for being chosen as an official Honda Safety Advocate. On January 24, Ashley was presented with the well-deserved green hat, symbolizing her appointment to this crucial role. Witnessing her name proudly displayed on the Honda Safety Board adds an extra layer of excitement to this significant achievement. In her new capacity, Ashley will be spearheading the charge in identifying potential safety and environmental risks, implementing effective solutions, maintaining seamless communication with Honda, and ensuring meticulous documentation. Her dedication to these responsibilities exemplifies the commitment we hold toward creating a secure and sustainable work environment. Ashley's enthusiasm for promoting and teaching safety is truly commendable. She views this role as an opportunity for personal and professional growth, striving to excel as a steadfast advocate for safety. Her passion is not only evident in her words but also in her actions as she takes on this pivotal position with honor and integrity. In Ashley's words, "Safety starts with you." She emphasizes the collective responsibility we all share in making a difference. Ashley's aspiration is for each team member to recognize the impact they can have on fostering a safe workplace. Let us join together in congratulating Ashley on this well-earned accomplishment. Her dedication to safety reflects our shared commitment to excellence, and we look forward to witnessing the positive impact she will undoubtedly make in her new role.

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