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Employee Resources

Shutdown Savings Program

Shutdown Savings Request
Stratosphere Quality understands the value of providing an alternative funding solution for periods when customers are shut down. This program is designed to allow employees to defer wages from each paycheck, save the funds in a ‘shutdown account’ and receive payouts during scheduled shutdown times in July or December.
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The Shutdown Savings Program (SDS)

  • Employees complete and sign the ‘Shutdown Savings Program’ authorization form.
  • Eligible hourly positions, including QI, Team Lead, Project Supervisor, APQ, Support, or Administrative Staff can select a flat dollar amount to be deducted from each paycheck.
  • The funds are held in an account and paid out during scheduled shutdown times in July
    or December, or when the employee leaves the company.
  • Contributions made between December and July are distributed in July.
  • Contributions made between July and December are distributed in December.
  • Funds within the ‘Shutdown Savings’ accounts are distributed only during the scheduled payout periods and are not available at any other time.
    • Locations without a scheduled shutdown can still participate in the plan. The scheduled payout dates remain the same.
  • Employees who are eligible for holiday pay would still receive the July 4th holiday pay.

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