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Welcome to Stratosphere Quality

We look forward to working with you. Every team member brings value to our mission.

Today, we will look at opportunities for growth, our commitment to creating a safe and welcoming environment, and share details on who to reach out to for HR-related items.

About Us

At Stratosphere Quality We are a third-party quality control company owned by Sojitz Corporation and Green Tec. We provide outsourcing for quality assurance and control services to manufacturers and suppliers in many industries including Automotive, Medical, Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences, Recreational Vehicles, Appliances, and Agriculture.

Our services include Inspection/sorting, containment, and rework. We don’t produce any products, we make our customer’s products better. We touch manufactured parts you see and use every day, what we do matters.


Commitment to Safety

Every team member plays a part in creating the safe and welcome work environment we strive for at Stratosphere Quality.  Together, we stay safe as we provide quality services for our clients.


Commitment to Diversity

Our mission is to provide a workplace that is free from harassment, encourages diversity and personal development within the context of a team environment, and offers equal opportunities for all. 


Commitment to No Harassment

 There is no place in our environment for harassment of any kind, including harassment of applicants based on race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability, or any other characteristics protected by harassment laws collectively referred to as protected characteristics.

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