Fostering infinite potential in our people.

Stratosphere Quality cultivates a positive organizational work environment, where employees are compelled to perform their best. Our team enjoys rewarding and meaningful work in a wide range of manufacturing work environments.

Here’s what our employees are saying

Top 5 Reasons to join the Stratosphere Quality Team!

  • Opportunities for advancement at Stratosphere Quality. Last year, we promoted from within 58% of the time!

  • It’s exciting to work for a company that continues to grow! We have a presence in 4 countries, over 20 states, and currently serve over 2500 manufacturers.

  • We are an international, multi-award winning company that is on the INC. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies List and named as a major OEM supplier of the year.

  • Work for the leaders in quality assurance and manufacturing. Our teams certify products that consumers use every day.

  • Be part of a progressive company where every employee makes a difference! Our team enjoys rewarding and meaningful work, flexible schedules and community involvement.




Project Quality Improvement Recognition Program.

Stratosphere Quality’s core existence is to help its customers improve their product quality. As a result, we are pleased to announce the Project Quality Improvement Program.

What is the Program?

This award program has been developed to recognize Stratosphere Quality employees who have exhibited quality improvement characteristics to improve customer products/projects.

Examples of a Project Quality Improvement:

  • An inspector was performing an inspection on a project where Touch Point method may be beneficial and was not currently being used; the process was implemented, work instruction was revised, etc.
  • Inspector determined that the lighting for a project was not sufficient, improved lighting was added to the project, and work instructions were revised, etc.
  • Employee suggested implementation of a Stratosphere Quality Best Practice that was not currently being used on a project.

January: Tara Burk, Alabama
February: Solomon Kifleiesus, Canada
March: Kyle Green, Kansas City
April: Alex Okopney, Canada
May: Wyatt Kingrey, Ohio
June: John MacDonald, Canada
July: Ashleigh Cameron, North Carolina
August: James Supler, Indiana
September: Brandon Holdren, Ohio
October: Becky Moon, OH
November: Gloria Garcia, Indiana
December: Tina Angle, Georgia

January: Nick Hairrell, Illinois
February: Rodney Bryson, Alabama
March: Edna McKellop, Ohio
April: Manouchehr Ghazinejad, Toronto
May: Pam Carpenter, Ohio
June: Indiana Price, Indiana
July: Julie Bair, Marysville
August: Traci Campbell, West Michigan
September: Della Goodwin, Greensburg
October: Haden Early, Marysville
November: Cody Crum, Northern California
December- Cathy Romie, Indiana

2018 Annual Winner: Nick Hairrell, Belvidere

January: Owen Kaplan, Canada
February: George Rose
March: David Plessinger, Indiana
April: Paula Godsey, Indiana
May: Shawn Hendrickson and Natalie Boysel, Ohio
June: Julie Bair, Ohio
July: Farjad Dezfouli, Canada
August: Jared Klaeysen, Ohio
September: Dan McCauley, Toronto
October: Justin Robinson, Toronto
November: Jeff Killinger, Indiana
December: Zach Murphy, Ohio

January: Hartford Murdoch, Canada
February: Sandy Wood, Michigan
March: Payam Firoozi, Canada
April: Juan Brooks, Ohio
May: Michelle Davis, Ohio
June: Ali Hanif, Canada
July: Jim Pilatz, Indiana
August: Cathy Moore, Indiana
September: Matt Corman, Kentucky
October: Joe Stein & Sid Patel, Ohio
November: ​Liviu Prundeanu, Canada
December: George Rose, Kentucky

January: Kim Kempf, Western Indiana
February: David Phillips, Mansfield, OH
March: Joshua Warren, West Tennessee
April: Jared Klaeyson, Northern Ohio
May: Payam Firoozi, Canada
June: Cody Crum, Ohio
July: Nathaniel Arnold, Indiana
August: Harold Pettigrew, Indiana
September: Henry Pawlak, Illinois/Wisconsin
October: Cynthia Shaw, Indiana
November: Payam Firoozi, Canada
December: Don Reed, Indiana