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Launch Support

Are you prepared for your next launch?

Using a 3rd party launch support team can significantly reduce the stress on your internal resources, lower the cost associated with supplier quality and decrease your launch timeline. With Stratosphere Quality, you get consistent results and dependability across all geographic areas.

Experienced Team | The Right People

Stratosphere Quality executes an entire launch support team to ease the burden on your internal resources. We provide Site Operations Managers, Supervisors, and Team Leaders.

Site Operations Managers

  • Serve as one point of contact
  • Oversee that all aspects of the program are running efficiently


  • Ensure adequate coverage on all shifts
  • Oversee project staffing, kick-off, work instructions, audit, and delivery

Team Leaders

  • Manage 4-6 person teams
  • Assist with the setup and compliance to work instructions

Minimal Disruption | An Effective Process

Whether a launch requires line-side or warehouse support, Stratosphere Quality will:

  • Separate and track defective units and keep the sequencer manager aware of defect percentage.
  • Inform the Team Leaders of how many defects are found.
  • Inform the Team Leaders immediately of a high fallout rate.
  • Sort product during lunchtime as well as between shifts to ensure no line downtime.
  • Provide information to the PQ Engineer.
  • Suggest moving the sort off-site, if needed, to avoid shipping defective products into the plant.

Stratosphere Quality has a proven track record for providing exceptional launch support for our customers.

Proven Results | Outstanding Performance


  • Normal operation was 200 inspectors
  • Increased to 681 in roughly 35 days based on launch demands


  • Remote location
  • Set up in 30 days
  • Provided support of major launch with over 200 inspectors


  • 30+ inspectors daily across five active projects in Tier 1 facility
  • Touched more than 8 part numbers
  • Up to 10 different criteria per project
  • Managed three shifts each day
  • Ensured lines were covered and moving at all times