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I started at SQ as a temporary associate in 2016 in Indiana. I was eventually hired full-time almost a year later in May of 2017. I worked hard and even traveled for the company. My leadership put me in charge of projects as a Quality Inspector because they trusted me. They had an unbelievable amount of confidence in me and my abilities to do the job.

In January of 2019, there were three of us up for the Team Lead position. I had all the leadership backing me and they wanted me to get the promotion. With this opportunity, I proved to be what everybody else saw in me. It gave me the chance to show what I was capable of.

Within four months, I was put in for a promotion to Project Supervisor. Now, I’m one of the main leaders co-running the Exit Five warehouse. Along with being a Project Supervisor, I assist in shipping and receiving, scheduling, and other duties.

It has been an amazing seven years with Stratosphere Quality.