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My journey with Stratosphere Quality started as a DQI in 2012 on the 3rd shift at a location in Lavonia, GA. Prior to this, I had been a banker for 12 years, so I was not familiar with manufacturing or inspection, but I did demonstrate strong attention to detail. This project only lasted three weeks and then I was on to the next project. As I continued working on projects, what stood out the most about me to my Project Manager, Tasha Bayne, was that I always said yes.

After getting my hours in to be hired on I was promoted to a Team Leader position. My leadership found that I also had a talent for writing work instructions during this time. I was asked to write all work instructions at a site that started multiple projects every week. I took on the challenge and completed every work instruction in a timely manner. Next, I was promoted to the project supervisor position and given a territory. I ran multiple sites, some of which were round-the-clock coverage. Then the position of Site Operation Manager became available at a facility in South Carolina. Darren Smith gave me the opportunity to take on that role. I had only been with Stratosphere Quality for a little over two years at that time.

Now I have been promoted to Operations Manager for the state of Georgia. I got here by following the Stratosphere Quality process and demonstrating to others what that can not only do for our customers but how it benefits our employees as well. Our process gives us the ability to provide solutions to the challenges our customers face with a structured approach. I can only hope that my journey will inspire others to be as passionate about our process as I am.