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Inc. 5000 Ranks Stratosphere Quality one of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies for the Second Consecutive Year

Fishers, IN, August 20, 2014 -Stratosphere Quality joins an exclusive group of entrepreneurial businesses for the second year in a row on the Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies List. With a three year sales growth of 286% and the addition of 977 employees, Stratosphere Quality continues to play a significant role in fueling the economy and advancing manufacturing outcomes.

This prestigious list also ranks each company per industry with Stratosphere Quality ranking in the top 30 among manufacturers included on the list. “We are pleased to be recognized for the second year in a row. We know there are millions of private businesses in the U.S. and to be a part of the small fraction of those who will ever achieve the Inc. 5000 ranking is a true reflection of our teams’ dedication to the manufacturing industry,” said Tom Gray, CEO of Stratosphere Quality. “Today, we work with more than 1,000 manufacturers nationally and are growing our geographic footprint and vertical markets. We continue to focus on providing outstanding people, processes and performance that help our customers improve quality, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Stratosphere Quality is the leading provider of quality assurance and outsourcing solutions, including sorting and inspection services, to manufacturers of parts and components in the automotive, medical device, electronics, military, home appliance and recreational vehicle industries. Headquartered just northeast of Indianapolis, Indiana, Stratosphere Quality services manufacturers across the US and Southwestern Ontario. For more information, visit

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Optimize Your Supply Chain Management by Using a Third Party Quality Control Company

Third party companies can allow your organization to focus energies on your core competencies and speed up the process of getting your product to market faster. Whether you are preparing for a product launch or dealing with a product recall, every minute counts. If you have more people, adherence to your workflow processes, and real- time data that gets you to market quicker, would the investment be worth it?

As a third party quality control company, we all too often witness delays in the process and a increased because many companies try manage the workload internally. Those companies are forced to pull key individuals from existing projects – usually higher value projects – and still were unable to dedicate the necessary resources for completing the project in a cost effective manner.

Some ideas to consider when weighing the options of managing a quality project internally or using a third party company:

1.) A third company can bring an abundance of trained people to the table for completing your project. From supervisors to inspectors, a fully established and assembled team dedicated to your project can drastically improve your project completion timeframe.

2.) Loss of control or fear of not understanding the scope of a project often triggers a company keeping sorting/containment work in-house. Third party companies have specific processes that tend to align with your internal processes. By working alongside your third party provider, you can benefit from an integration of your internal processes, and processes specific to quality control and quality assurance.

3.) Supplier analysis and management can be improved by utilizing an unbiased third party looking out for your best interest. Defects can occur throughout the supply chain, and a third party can often quickly identify the root cause of the defects, and oversee and manage the improvements of supplier quality.

4.) Real-time data for the project is key to identifying overall return on investment while also providing a big picture view of total quality management. There are different levels of data support, so finding a third party to provide robust and real-time data is a must when considering your options.

5.) Most third party companies understand that the relationship must be a win / win and will work hard for you to get the results you desire, and must be accountable for achieving those results.

There are many ways to optimize your supply chain management, and working with a third party provider is just one key solution. Click here for 5 more ways to optimize your supply chain management.

Stratosphere Quality Hires Director of Talent Acquisition

Robin DeProspero has joined Stratosphere Quality as Director of Talent Acquisition. In this role she will direct and support the recruiting needs for the organization as well as the design, implementation and evaluation of human resource systems. Prior to this position, Robin held positions at Wurth Service Supply, Robert Half International and most recently, Profyletracker.

Stratosphere Quality Ranks #8 on Indiana’s Fastest Growing Companies List

With a three-year sales growth of 111%, Stratosphere Quality earns the ranking of 8th Fastest Growing Company in Indiana.

FISHERS, IN, June 23, 2014 — Stratosphere Quality, the largest global provider of quality assurance and outsourcing solutions to manufacturers, has been recognized as one of the top ten fastest growing companies in Indiana, according to the Indianapolis Business Journal. The company was also recognized in 2013 on the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in the nation.

“Being named to the IBJ’s top ten list reflects the enormous growth that Stratosphere Quality has achieved over the last three years. This is a testament to Stratosphere Quality’s commitment to helping manufacturers ensure that the final quality of their product is up to their expectation. In 2013, our employees sorted 211 million parts and found more than 6 million that were nonconforming,” states Chief Executive Officer, Tom Gray.

Stratosphere Quality continues to expand geographically as well as into vertical markets including medical device manufacturing and recreational vehicles. In 2013, Stratosphere Quality opened a second corporate building in Fishers with a warehouse dedicated to medical devices and office space to accommodate increasing client service personnel. Currently, Stratosphere Quality now does business in 20 states and Canada. They look towards continued global expansion in 2014.

Gray states, “We know we make a tremendous difference for our clients. This recognition provided by the Indiana Business Journal is tangible proof of the hard work and value we bring to our customers. We continue to stay focused on our expansion without losing sight of delivering exceptional service and solutions to our clients.”

Tom Gray Promoted to Stratosphere Quality Chief Executive Officer

Tom GrayTom Gray, formerly Chief Operating Officer, has been promoted to Chief Executive Officer of Stratosphere Quality effective June 4, 2014. Tom joined Stratosphere Quality in 2010, bringing with him an extensive background with over 20 years of experience in managing client services, operations, telecommunications, technology integration, and leading many efficiency and process improvement initiatives.

In his new role, Gray will increase his focus on the overall strategic direction of the company, expansion of the company’s geographic footprint and corporate growth. “Tom is an extraordinary asset to our organization. He has contributed immensely to the growth we have had and continue to experience. Tom’s dedication to excellence in the areas of customer service, client growth, process management, employee development, and technology has led to our continual success in attracting top talent and capturing market share,” states Chairman and Founder of Stratosphere Quality, Steve Cage.

Stratosphere Quality has experienced exponential growth over the past five years, having received numerous awards and recognition for outstanding service, continual growth and impact created throughout the OEM and supplier quality chain. Gray states, “I am so proud to be part of this organization. We are fortunate to have great employees who are totally committed to exceeding our client expectations. We all share a common mission, and that is to provide the highest quality services in the most effective way. We have a very exciting future — one that will consist of growth, opportunity, and expansion. I’m honored and excited to lead this company.”

Stratosphere Quality is a leading provider of quality assurance and outsourcing solutions to manufacturers of parts and components in the automotive, medical device, electronics, military, home appliance and recreational vehicle industries. As a partner in quality, Stratosphere Quality helps suppliers and OEMs identify the root cause of quality problems, minimize defects, improve quality, increase efficiency and reduce costs associated with quality issues. Headquartered just northeast of Indianapolis, Indiana, Stratosphere Quality services manufacturers across the US and Southwestern Ontario.

The Ultimate Race Fan!

Meet Steve Cage – Founder and Chairman, Stratosphere Quality

Steve is the ultimate race fan. One of his passions includes the Indianapolis 500. We asked Steve to tell us a little bit about the Indianapolis 500.

What year did you attend your FIRST Indy 500?
1963 was my very first year that I attended the Indianapolis 500.

How many years since that first race have you attended?
I went to my first race in 1963 and haven’t missed one since! This will be my 51st consecutive year attending the race. It never gets old.

What is your FAVORITE part of the Indy 500?
There is nothing – absolutely nothing – like the starting of the engines and hearing the power behind the engines. It is incredible. When the words, “Gentlemen, start your engines,” echo throughout the raceway, you know the most spectacular sound of roaring engines is next. It’s a moment of sheer anticipation and excitement.

What you provide at Stratosphere Quality really intersects with your passion for the Indianapolis 500. Why?
I was always around automotive manufacturing growing up. I was on the production line, and while now I am in the “front office”, I know how much blood, sweat, tears, knowledge and experience it takes to provide a quality product. The Indy 500 cars are all produced by the same blood, sweat and tears and continue to be produced by some of the greatest manufacturers in the world. I love that. I love how every piece, every part, every inspection impacts the safety and performance of the vehicles consumers purchase and the performance of each racing professional.

What has been the most memorable moment of any of the Indy 500’s you attended?
I mentioned safety in the last question. In 1964, I was still a kid attending the race, and I witnessed the horrible, fiery crash between Eddie Sachs and Dave McDonald. It happened on turn 4, and the smoke plume that filled the air immediately following was unbelievable. I remember asking my dad what all the smoke was. They immediately called the race, and my dad informed me that the two drivers had died. In that moment, with the horrible sound, smell and sight, I realized how dangerous the sport really was. At that point, it was like going from the happiest of emotions to the lowest sadness. That’s why the sport is so amazing.

What would you tell someone if this is his / her first year attending the Indianapolis 500?
I would tell them to get there in plenty of time to see the start (see earlier question), and to experience the awesome flyover during the National Anthem. Unbelievable. That’s really what the day is all about. It’s held on Memorial Day weekend.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the race, but it is important to appreciate, and be thankful for all those who serve or lost their lives while fighting for our country. The race is steeped in tradition and history – honoring our veterans is at the forefront of that.

Everyone should go experience this race just once! It’s the most incredible race.

Stratosphere Quality’s, Amanda Rhoads, Nominated for Employee of the Year

On January 15, 2014, the Fishers Chamber of Commerce presented the 12th Annual Pillar Awards; celebrating Business Excellence. The Employee of the Year Pillar Award recognizes an individual who is employed by a Fishers Chamber of Commerce business. Attributes considered are; going above and beyond, workplace knowledge and attitude, meets or exceeds customer’s expectations, handles problems effectively.

Amanda Rhoads, Benefits Advisor, brings a wealth of knowledge, and abundance of ideas and a clear passion for excellence to Stratosphere Quality. “Amanda has come into Stratosphere Quality, and has really driven internal customer satisfaction. She does an excellent job of relating to our employees, and helping them through the various benefit choices they have. She is extremely responsive and focused, and service comes to the forefront when I think of Amanda,” says Tom Gray, Chief Operating Officer at Stratosphere Quality.

“I was really surprised and honored when my boss told me she had nominated me for the Pillar Award. There are many exciting opportunities for even more benefit and education advancement for employees at Stratosphere, and I’m thrilled to be a part of that. Stratosphere Quality is exactly the right company for me,” states Rhoads.

Watch the video shown at the awards luncheon, and learn more about the people and opportunities at Stratosphere Quality.